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The Social Selling Training Company in San Francisco, CA

What makes M3Jr Growth Strategies different from other social selling companies?

First, we’ve literally walked a mile (or two) in your shoes! One year ago, CEO Mario Martinez Jr. was responsible for launching the North America Social Selling program for a SaaS company. With this practical hands-on experience we know what pitfalls to avoid and what routes to take!


Second, we speak the language of the salesperson. We understand the challenges sales teams face, and we know what ignites a positive response for buyers. We grew up solely in sales and sales leadership so our strategies and training connect with today’s sales rep.


Third, as noted by LinkedIn, when Mario Martinez Jr., was on the customer side, he implemented a social selling program that was truly able to drive 100% sales rep adoption. That is one of the reasons why LinkedIn asked him to be a Keynote breakout speaker at their annual users conference last year!


Unlike other training programs, we focus on driving true adoption of social selling starting with personal branding to create an immediate connection with your buyers. Other programs might claim to have trained thousands of people, but how many actually adopted the techniques during the course of the training? Our practical, hands-on insight provides a unique training base for you as you learn how to implement a program and receive guidance as you oversee the success of that program.


Lastly, social selling is a cooperative endeavor that includes requiring Sales, Marketing, Sales Enablement / Operations and Social Media team, to work together to deliver a solution that maps to the buyer’s journey. Because of our first-hand experience of having enabled these four organizations to come together to drive 100% rep adoption, we can help short circuit most of the stopgaps you’ll face.


As a former vice-president and an effective sales leader, Mario emphasized the importance of total adoption from each department for optimal social selling results. His commitment to that design within the company brought about immediate financial results. Are you ready to try something different? We are here to help.

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