11 Slideshares to check out in B2B content marketing

11 B2B Slideshare Presentations That Rock

The King of Visual Content in B2B

Unless you’ve been under a B2B marketing rock, you know that Slideshare is a social network for visual content. While it’s not exclusive to B2B users, its business focus makes it very popular for business-to-business users. With more than 60 million monthly users, both individuals and brands utilize Slideshare to upload presentations, PDFs, infographics, webinar recordings, YouTube videos and documents. Slideshare was acquired by LinkedIn in May 2012. With lead generation capabilities, Slideshare has truly emerged as a requisite social media platform for B2B marketers.

While there are many terrific Slideshare examples from B2B companies and people, I’ve selected 11 to highlight, each one for a specific reason that a B2B marketer can learn from and apply to your digital marketing strategy.

Enterprise Winning: Big Companies Getting Value from Enterprise Social by Socialcast

This Slideshare builds the business case for an Enterprise Social Network (ESN). Each benefit is clearly defined and creatively portrayed and followed by specific customer examples.

How Groupon Manages Conversations With 15 Million Fans Across 48 Countries by Sprinklr

This Slideshare is just 3 slides.  It’s a good example of a white paper style case study re-formatted into a concise, easy to read Slideshare. Case studies are a terrific way to use Slideshare as we see here from Sprinklr. Notice the contact form for lead generation.

10 Common Pitfalls of Contract Management Implementation by Selectica

An attention grabbing title with a great subtitle: A Survival Guide. This Slideshare helps companies considering a Contract Management implementation understand the 10 common pitfalls and how to avoid them. The problem / solution presentation style is very effective.

IBM’s Point of View on Social Business

This brief Slideshare (only 12 slides) builds the case for social business by naming 6 entry points to help you put social at the heart of the modern enterprise. Each entry point is clearly explained with a customer example.

The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn by Jason Miller

Slideshares published by a brand are fairly common. Brands who empower employees to be thought leaders win on Slideshare. Jason Miller of LinkedIn, is a thought leader whose popular e-book exemplifies this.  

10 + 1 Reasons to Attend Citrix Synergy 2014 by Citrix

This Slideshare is focused on promoting their annual Synergy conference. It’s a good example of a Slideshare used to promote an event. I like the design and layout. It’s uncluttered with clear communication.

PeopleLinx is….. by PeopleLinx

One obvious way to use Slideshare is for product presentations. The key is to design a presentation for consumption on Slideshare. This product overview from PeopleLinx is short (14 slides) and very easy to read in a minute or two. By adding a lead gen form to your Slideshare, you can capture leads.

Oracle Buys Compendium

The modern press release (especially in B2B) has come a long way. When Oracle acquired Compendium in 2013, this Slideshare provides more practical information than a traditional press release could ever deliver.

36 Content Marketers Who Rock by Lee Odden

Lee Odden is another popular thought leader making good use of Slideshare. In this example, he published an e-book style collection of 36 content marketers, in cooperation with the Content Marketing Institute to promote their annual Content Marketing World conference.

Creating Contests: A Winning Method for Crowdsourcing and Engagement by Eric Byrum, Homes.com at Social Fresh

Another very effective use of Slideshare is sharing presenters’ slides from a conference. In this Slideshare posted by Social Fresh, Erica Byrum discusses the relationship between content and contests, sharing her success stories.

Lightning Strikes on the Social Business Journey by Bernie Borges / Social Business Engine

Slideshare allows you to embed YouTube video into a presentation. Consider posting your recorded webinars or Hangouts to Slideshare. In this example, I’ve embedded an episode of my Social Business Engine show featuring James Royer of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Re-Purpose Content into Slideshare

These eleven Slideshares serve to offer you – the B2B marketer – examples of how to reach an engaged audience on a social media platform that is comprised of a business audience, is 100% visual, offers social sharing potential and lead generation capabilities along with analytics and metrics. How many content assets do you have that are ready to be re-purposed for Slideshare?

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