Sales Pitch: How to deliver it

4 Ways to Deliver a Winning Sales Pitch


Crafting a winning sales pitch is no easy task. Entire books are devoted to the art, and countless hours have been spent studying the craft. But the art of selling and delivering a perfect sales pitch is much more than just persuasion and the words you practice beforehand.

How so? The best salespeople ALWAYS authentically communicate a desire to serve the customer.

Even though today I serve as a social and sales influencer, no matter what, every day I am still a salesperson with “trusted advisor” pinned on my back by both current and future clients. Yes, as a business owner and CEO, I open new accounts, increase account spends, and capture new business.

I guide resource teams comprising of internal specialists and channel partners to ensure delivery, training and total client satisfaction. Over the 18 years I spent in corporate sales, 15 of those were spent in the 100%+ club so I’ve learned a lot about how to communicate authentically to drive sales.

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What is a Sales Pitch?

A sales pitch or elevator pitch is a short sales presentation in the form a of a value proposition that explains the benefits of its solution to a prospect.

A great or winning sales pitch starts with the problem or pain, not in a generic sense, but personalized to the recipient. Then it goes into explaining how the specific product or service they offer solves that problem and paints a picture of the results the client would obtain.

Sales Pitch Example

Let me share with you the effective sales pitch script for Vengreso. Notice how I begin with the problem, move onto the solution we offer and then talk about the results our clients obtain:

Two problems that every sales leader wakes up to are:

  1. Ensuring their sellers get more “at-bats” (a.k.a. prospect better).
  2. Building a healthier sales pipeline so they can sell more.

Simply put, at Vengreso we help sales teams and business owners prospect better and sell more. We do this through our award-winning virtual sales training programs, which use science-based teaching techniques to ensure sellers remember the information and actually apply it in their daily sales activities.

After educating over 140,000 professionals, helping over 1,052 companies around the globe, and winning 3 Stevie Awards (2019, 2020, 2021), we’ve developed Modern Sales Mastery, the digital sales training and technology program that produces results.

In fact, in 2021 one of our clients obtained a 2,241% ROI against their investment by measuring the growth of the open sales pipeline!

How to Write a Sales Pitch

My best piece of advice to any sales rep is that a winning sales pitch isn’t just an event.  The sales pitch is a series of events. So, here are four tips regarding how to make a successful sales pitch.

1. Be Human

While you may be selling a product or service, customers ultimately buy from another human being. Make a personal connection with a potential customer, and show genuine interest in them and what’s important to them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions honestly, and let them know when you don’t have all the answers.

Saying “I don’t know” can be a magical phrase.  It shows that you’re human and that you don’t have all the answers.  Even better using those words, affords you the opportunity at the end of every meeting to confirm that your buyer wants to have an answer to the question.  In turn, you now get to “touch your buyer again.”

Yes, saying I don’t know affords you the opportunity to follow up or have another conversation further humanizing the new relationship.  This will help create an authentic foundational relationship upon which a sale can be built.

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2. Build Trust

It takes time to develop trust with a customer. There’s no shortcut, but there are things you can do to facilitate trust. Always keep your word. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, and admit when something is beyond your control.

Consistency and reliability, shows you care about your customer as a person and that you won’t let them down when it really matters.

As Forbes contributor and CEO of Fishbowl David K. Williams said, trust is “a non-negotiable trait.”

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Here are a couple of articles that will help with teaching you how to build trust with your buyers.

  1. You’re Driving Leads via Social ALL Wrong!
  2. 5 Reasons Why Your Buyers Aren’t Responding to You

3. Know you Customer’s Business Drivers

Knowing as much as I can about a company or a decision maker prior to a meeting means I can not only show value in what they want to talk about but that I can also offer additional solutions to problems they may not have thought of before.

Some salespeople approach every prospective client as if their only pain point is price or as if their only focus is on looking for the business problem that matches their products “sweet spot”.  The truth is that while price is a factor, businesses are more complicated than that and often place value over price.

In addition, while your sweet spot is a nice place to start, don’t underestimate the hidden opportunities allowing you to get your foot in the door.  Showing how your service or product meets other specific needs will go a long way to alleviating any potential budget concerns.

4. Be Unselfish

Give your customers and even your coworkers a reason to care about you by truly investing in them. Approach each new opportunity in terms of your customer’s benefit, not your own.  In the long run, customers will be able to recognize that you are working for them—and you’ll develop lifelong relationships that will pay in spades over time.

I know this for a fact because I have enjoyed calling as friends some of the most influential CXO’s in corporate America.  These individuals have been there with me through divorce, marriage, babies and when I almost lost my wife.

By giving unselfishly I established opportunities to close contracts that ranged from $30 million to $120 million.  By giving unselfishly I was able to request a loyal customer and friend, the former EVP, CIO and CTO of a then fortune 16 company, to join me as one of my guests on a panel. That event was streamed to the thousands people. The topic? How to sell to the executive IT buyer. During that event he said these unexpected words to me:

By giving unselfishly, it helped to save deals even when the Chief Procurement Officer of a Fortune 50 client informed our executive leadership team and me that we lost a near $40-million-dollar deal (as the incumbent).  After receiving the news, I got a call from our internal executive leader and he said, “Well Mario, no one can say that you and the team didn’t give it your all.  You guys did everything right.”  My response was, “The deal isn’t over.”  He said, “What?”… and the rest is history.

What the CPO didn’t know was that I had built a friendship with the only person who could overturn this decision.  This friendship was with the Global CIO and I knew the company was making the wrong decision and I needed to use the “bat phone” to try and stop what was about to happen.

That afternoon I sent a text, and 4 hours later I was on the phone for a 20-minute conversation with that Global CIO. The result? He would not reverse the decision but he would influence who he empowered to double check the decision.

He specifically instructed us to lay low. He didn’t want the CPO to know I engaged him.  His plan: he would stop by the CPO’s office, poke his head in and ask about the deal. Then, when he told him of the decision to leave, he would ask one question: “Did you ask if they would wrap custom SLA’s around ‘improvement’, and if they don’t meet them we could then walk?”

Since he knew the answer to the question, he knew the CPO would reengage with us to cross the T’s and dot the I’s. The result?  Window of opportunity was opened back up and eventually the decision was reversed. Sixty days later we signed a near $40-million-dollar contract.

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So remember, every decision you make impacts your professional success. By following these guiding principles about what makes a winning sales pitch, you can communicate your authentic desire to serve customers and create a work environment for yourself that you love and feel good about.

When you love what you do, you will always be successful, customers will trust you and your sales pitches change from pitches into helping a friend in a trusted partnership.

Make sure to read our ultimate guide to learn all about B2B sales, including how to assemble your team, the best culture to instill, and methods for increasing sales.

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