Challenges with Account-Based Marketing and How to Solve Them

5 Unexpected Challenges with Account-Based Marketing and How to Solve Them

In a survey by the Alterra Group, 97 percent of marketers reported that account-based marketing has a higher ROI than any other B2B marketing or B2C marketing activity. Maybe that’s why more than 60 percent of B2B marketers are implementing new ABM programs. If you belong to that number, you’re going to need to be prepared before taking the plunge. But if you’re too eager, you may trip over some challenges that are otherwise easily avoidable.

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I spoke with Kris Rudeegraap, Co-founder and CEO of Sendoso. Here are five hidden challenges that his company is facing head on to improve account-based marketing.

Account-Based Marketing Challenge 1: Shipping Internationally

International shipping can be a nightmare when you don’t account for foreign laws. MotoSport’s first international sale was a $99 order from Canada. Upon delivery, however, the driver demanded $100 in Canadian taxes and tariffs. Naturally, the customer declined.

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With so much else to keep track of in your business, you don’t have the time to become an expert in the shipping customs, taxes, and laws of every single country you have customers in. “It makes sense to have a partner who can help you,” says Rudeegraap. Sendoso’s clients leverage their network of warehouses in the US, Canada, and Europe to store and send gifts, swag, welcome kits, and dimensional mail on-demand with a click of a button.

Account-Based Marketing Challenge 2: Packaging Appeal

When you talk packaging, Apple always comes up as the biggest player on the field. It’s no secret they take their packaging seriously; they design everything from the box’s look to the customer’s experience opening it up, with a single employee doing nothing but opening boxes all day every day for months. You don’t have to compete with Apple, but you do need to provide a positive packaging experience for your clients.

Packaging is a form of outreach. “Whether it’s sending a package containing sales collateral asking for a demo or a thank you referral gift or a package containing company swag – first impressions matter,” Rudeegraap says. “The package they receive at their office will influence how your customers view your company and a well-designed package can increase response rates.” Dedicate resources to hiring out your packaging design so that you can focus on filling your packages with quality products. An experience packager like Sendoso can make sure the box matches the contents perfectly.

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Account-Based Marketing Challenge 3: Handwritten Notes

In a digital world where 18.7 billion texts are sent worldwide every day, the handwritten note carries more weight than ever before. It’s a personal touch that can improve your brand image and strengthen customer loyalty. Whether you use it to express thanks, follow up on a conversation, extend an invitation, or accompany a gift, the note demonstrates a deeper investment than type ever can. But that’s because of the added effort and cost, two things many businesses forget to plan for in account-based marketing.

The average note takes 30 minutes to prepare and could cost about $40 to print, prepare, and send—if you’re handling everything yourself. But a provider like Sendoso won’t forget. Rudeegraap includes the services as an offer on the company’s webpage. At your request, Sendoso’s team of writers will write notes on your behalf and even include handwritten notes with shipments to make sure your customers get that personal touch.  As a bonus, it’s all available and integrated into Salesforce too.

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Account-Based Marketing Challenge 4: Mailing Address Data

A wrong address can frustrate you like nothing else. You put in the time and effort to make sure your package arrives to your client on time, only for it arrive on your own doorstep two weeks later stamped with “Return to sender.” According to the US Postal Service, mail deemed “undeliverable as addressed” is bad news for postal workers and customers alike, costing “about $1.5 billion a year for the Postal Service and $20 billion for the mailing industry.”

Take the time to look for the right address, even if you have to visit more than one place to find it. “For packages going to the VP of sales, do you use the address in Salesforce and cross your fingers?” Rudeegraap says. “No. It takes another level of granularity. You need to check LinkedIn, the office, and the company website.” That’s some intense research, but it’s crucial to saving you money and your clients’ loyalty.

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Account-Based Marketing Challenge 5: Phone Calls

Phone calls are opportunities to establish personal connections with your clients when meeting in person just isn’t practical. However, the lack of facetime can be dangerous. A UCLA study found “that up to 93 percent of communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal cues.” As humans, we naturally communicate better when we can see the other person and observe their face, hand motions, etc. Those details keep our attention in a way that a voice over the phone cannot.

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Video conferencing is the obvious solution. With video, you preserve the 93 percent of communication you would otherwise lose, bridging the gap between you and the client. Too often, though, you’re forced to sacrifice screen share presentations for facetime or vice versa. Fortunately, companies like Zoom allow you to show both, with a miniature screen for the presenter’s face in the corner while the demonstration takes place. “That’s a nice dynamic,” Rudeegraap says.

Account-based marketing is a path to success. Don’t let these five challenges trip you up. Plan for them and take the precautions Rudeegraap has proposed to make sure your business never falls.

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