5 Steps to Know What Content to Produce that Performs

5 Steps to Know What Content to Produce that Performs

Marketers Want to Know What Content to Create that Will Deliver Results

In our first Up Close podcast series, I partnered with Brandon Andersen, Chief Strategy Officer at Ceralytics to address one of the biggest challenges content marketers face – knowing what content to produce.

The theme of this five episode podcast series is “How to Harness AI in your Content Marketing Strategy.” Brandon and I address the painful reality that 90% of content marketing doesn’t work. The reason for this high failure rate is because it requires research to determine what content your target buyer needs. Conducting that research has traditionally been a “heavy lift” for even the most sophisticated marketer. The larger the brand, the heavier the lift due to a big inventory of content to assets. Knowing what content has been effective requires a content audit, and that’s a labor intensive project. It’s an even bigger project to study competitor’s content assets to determine which content has been effective for them in order to determine what your approach should be on topics where you have competitive differentiation.

In this podcast series, Brandon and I explain how using artificial intelligence powered technology, marketers can determine what content they should produce by allowing AI to do the heavy lifting at a speed that just isn’t possible for people. In near-real time, marketers can learn what topics are important to your buyer. The result is marketers can go from guessing what content to produce, to knowing what content to produce. Here’s the breakdown of each podcast episode.

How to Harness AI in Content Marketing Up Close series includes:
Episode 1: The Role of AI in Content Marketing
Episode 2: Quality over Quantity Content
Episode 3: The Content Audit
Episode 4: The Competitive Audit
Episode 5: An Action Plan to Harness AI to Create Content that Produces

For listeners of my weekly Social Business Engine podcast, the Up Close series is a new variation introduced in 2017 whereby I record five shorter episodes that go deep on a topic in one series. Each Up Close series features a topic and a co-host who is expert on the topic. Brandon Andersen is a veteran content marketing professional. He co-founded Ceralytics to tackle this common marketing challenge.

“Unfortunately, most content that marketers produce doesn’t work,” says Brandon Andersen, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Ceralytics. “Worse yet, marketers spend a lot of manual time conducting analysis of competitor’s content and their own, to decide what content to produce. By the time they’ve completed their analysis, the information is out of date. Using artificial intelligence, marketers can run this analysis on an ongoing basis in near-real time, saving a lot of time and getting more accurate information. Using AI, marketers can more readily determine what content they should produce to get desired results.”

Daily Podcast Episodes

The Up Close podcast series is a hybrid of a webcast and an audio course. Our approach is to cover a topic that is relevant to the modern marketing professional and create a narrative spread across five short episodes, each ranging approximately twelve minutes. By providing the option of downloading the five episodes in a single recording running just over one hour, it’s convenient audio content for professionals with a daily commute.

The first Up Close podcast series published on Monday, February 27, 2017, with each episode in the series published daily. The fifth episode published on Friday, March 3rd providing an action plan for the listener to use AI in their content marketing strategy.

AI Does the Heavy Lifting

Episodes one through four explain the content marketer’s conundrum of needing to produce content that delivers results and a traditional, people-intensive process to address it. We cover the steps needed to conduct two forms of audits to determine what content to produce. By narratively explaining the required steps and the common challenges marketers face in episodes one through four, the action plan we outline in episode five is practical and easy to act on.

The podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and Soundcloud for the mobile listener. We’re also making it available here in one single recording. Listeners who download the single recording also receive the white paper: What is Content Intelligence? An option is also provided to schedule a Ceralytics demonstration to gain further understanding of how to use AI to determine what content to produce.

To be clear, the Social Business Engine podcast will continue to publish weekly episodes showcasing brands and technology innovators delivering business results through social strategy, social technology and social culture. The next Up Close series is scheduled to publish in late March. My co-host will be Guillaume Decugis, CEO of Scoop.it. This series will reveal a four part structured approach to lead generation through content marketing.

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