6 Audacious Digital Marketing Predictions for 2016

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6 Audacious Digital Marketing Predictions for 2016

Chad Pollitt is Co-Founder and VP of Audience at Relevance, an established digital and content marketing agency as well as popular digital publication. In this podcast, Chad explains his predictions as published in the Huffington Post article, 6 Bold Predictions for Digital Marketing in 2016. Chad is a popular speaker at marketing industry events and a top 20 CMO Influencer, a newly minted adjunct professor of digital marketing at Indiana University and a former U.S. Army Commander.


Chad runs all aspects of content and audience development at Relevance. Relevance’s publication serves as a go-to resource for content promotion, strategy, news, and insights. How will Chad’s six plausible predictions for digital marketing in 2016 affect your plans?


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On This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • How Relevance is a digital magazine as part of a digital marketing agency.
  • What Chad’s 6 Bold Predictions for Digital Marketing in 2016 are and how he conceived his predictions.
  • Why Chad says that traffic from social media sites to most websites will decline in 2016.
  • Why Chad says that Google will launch their own native advertising network to connect brands to premium media outlets and bloggers to submit sponsored content.top-tactics-to-avoid
  • What native advertising is and how it fills the gap on the paid side of digital advertising.
  • Why Chad says the traditional forms of digital advertising were not built for top of the funnel content.
  • How Relevance saw a 17% decrease in social traffic, but gained 50,000 new subscribers in six months.
  • How Facebook uses instant articles to keep users on their site and why Chad thinks LinkedIn will soon be launching it’s own version of instant articles.
  • Why Chad thinks an influencer marketing platform will be acquired by one of the big marketing software “stacks.”
  • How the major marketing stacks like, HubSpot, Salesforce, Oracle, etc., are not addressing earned media promotion.
  • How 300 million people in the world are using ad blocking software and how that affects publishers and advertisers.
  • Why Chad thinks the adoption rate of ad blockers will level off in 2016.
  • What “content recommendation networks” are and how they will improve in 2016.
  • How Rev Content, a content recommendation network, is already filtering out 98% of content from its distribution.
  • Why Chad’s “one thing” is that marketers should spend 40-60% of their time promoting their content, not 90% on production.

“Spend 40 to 60% of your time, energy and effort promoting content, not 90% on production.” @ChadPollitt

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Featured On This Episode:

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