7 Digital Marketing Skills Needed in a Social Business


Skills Needed in Modern Business

Christian KarasiewiczThis week on the Social Business Engine podcast, I welcome Christian Karasiewicz. Christian is a popular social business influencer. He consults, podcasts and writes on social business topics.

Christian and I discuss the seven digital marketing skills needed in a social business. Seven digital marketing skills needed in a social business

What You’ll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why analytics skills can no longer be siloed in the IT department
  • Why even executives need to be able to derive insights out of analytics data
  • Why these 7 digital marketing skills are not limited to marketing department employees
  • Why all employees need to understand social media
  • Why employees need to be brand advocates
  • The importance of data visualization to communicate information to drive home key points
  • The importance of technical skills that allow employees to be self-sufficient, e.g., video editing
  • Teamwork: The mindset of people working together across department, geographies and time zones
  • Newsjacking: Having an “alway on mindset” to selectively produce content about current news
  • How companies are adopting social and what the social journey looks like
  • The importance of soft skills to build relationships on and offline
  • Christian’s “one thing” response is for increased trust in employees

Featured On This Episode: