8 Reasons to Ignore our New Website

VengresoBlog Post 8 Reasons to Ignore our New Website
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8 Reasons to Ignore our New Website

You know the “cobbler’s children” syndrome, right? It goes like this…The cobbler was so busy making shoes for his customers that he had no time to make shoes for his own children. Many digital marketing agencies deal with this. And, we’re no exception…After many months of planning our new website (more than we anticipated), we’ve launched it!

Hooray, right?! Maybe not…Why should you care? Seriously, you’re super busy. So, rather than attempt to get YOU excited about OUR new website, I’m offering you these eight reasons to ignore our new website.

Scroll, scroll, scroll

When you first visit our website, you’ll need to scroll and scroll and scroll to discover each section describing what we do and who we do it for. 

Push, push, push

If you want to navigate through the website, you’ll need to click the push menu (the three horizontal bars) in the upper left. The three levels of navigation will unfold before your eyes. 

tips on how to generate leads through your website navigation

You might need to think really hard

Our new website has many abstract images that have deep meaning. You’ll need to ponder those images and their context to capture their relevance to your world (or not).

tips on how to generate leads through your website

Must read

The interior pages where we describe our services are written with a lot of detail. We don’t want visitors to guess at what we do, or force visitors to call us to explain it. We understand the visitor wants detail to conduct online research. A phonecall is intended for website visitors who have read the details and want to discuss how we’ll apply those details to their situation.  

Media phobia

We recommend that our clients create a media channel to be different among their competitors. For some (perhaps for many) this idea might cause some angst. The potential to be recognized in your industry as different is very high. But, this is no small feat. A media channel is a serious commitment that needs planning and execution strategy.  

Own Your Own Media channel Find and Convert website

Over resourced  

Our resources section has tons of white papers, webinars and Slideshares on modern digital marketing topics that B2B marketers care a lot about. You’ll need time to pour through all these resources.  

Resources Find and Convert website

You don’t need another reason to use your mobile device

Standing in line at Starbucks? You might skip your Facebook feed and continue to pour through our website, whether its our rich resources section, or other sections, or our Social Business Journal Volume 1. Our mobile responsive website will be another temptation to spend more time on your mobile device.   

We might alienate you

In the age of the 8 second attention span, we don’t mince our words. We serve a B2B customer. There’s no point in sugar coating who we serve and who we don’t. If that’s not you, feel free to browse around. We don’t mind…  

Grow Your Business with Vengreso

If you’re not focused on growing your business, these 8 reasons should motivate you to ignore our new website.

B2B or not, our new website, our media channel and the resources are online destinations that just might help you grow your business, or take it to the next level.

With that, start by downloading our PVC Sales Methodology™ helpful eBook that will help you increase your sales conversations!

pvc sales methodology eBook

Bernie Borges

Bernie Borges is CMO of Vengreso, the leader in digital sales transformation. He's also Host of the award winning Modern Marketing Engine podcast. His book Marketing 2.0, was an early playbook in social media strategy. Bernie is also a trainer and speaker. He has a passion for guiding clients in aligning marketing and sales for accelerated revenue results. Bernie enjoys kayaking with his family in Tampa Bay, going to hockey games and you'll find him at the gym at 6am Monday through Friday, rain or shine.

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