B2B Content Marketing Tips from Moz.com Founder, Rand Fishkin

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B2B Content Marketing Tips from Moz.com Founder, Rand Fishkin

In a recent Whiteboard Friday video, Rand Fishkin compares the different content marketing challenges that face B2B organizations to those facing B2C companies. Here are some of the highlights of Rand’s talk that really stand out to me:

Align content to the right funnel stage and use different success metrics for each stage. Fishkin points out that a B2B organization (unless it’s a self-service model that operates more like B2C) primarily measures its marketing success against the number of leads generated. Leads are the ultimate (and almost only) KPI that some B2B marketers or their managers consider important.

Leads are definitely important, but what if the stage of your funnel that needs attention is at the awareness or consideration level? The work you do to ramp up stages before the conversion stage won’t immediately translate into leads. Does that mean your hard work failed? You need a different set of metrics to measure the content designed for those stages — and agreement from management on those measures of success. The same goes for the retention stage. If you are creating content marketing aimed at retention, a different metric than “leads generated” is required.

Have you created funnel stage-specific metrics for your content?

Most B2B transactions/decisions have more than one decision maker; however, most content is aimed at the primary prospect contact. B2B marketers know there are multiple personas in the buying process if they’ve done their homework. They fully acknowledge it, but their content marketing doesn’t always do the trick to speak to these other stakeholders in the decision process. Fishkin makes some great points about persona analysis and content planning. Make it easy for the contact to help your sales rep sell the product or service to others in the buying process.

How are you ensuring all stakeholders in the buying process are touched and educated?

Evaluating the ratio between customer lifetime value (CLTV) and customer acquisition cost (CAC) can help you identify additional remarketing and promotion opportunities. The higher the ratio, the more opportunity there is to allot spend toward parts of the funnel you may not have previously considered — for example, if you know you get XX conversions per every 1,000 pageviews of a piece of content in the awareness stage, you might consider paid amplification of that content even though it’s not your conversion stage offer (where a lot of marketers prefer to allot amplification budget).

Do you evaluate the ratio of CLTV to CAC to make paid amplification decisions?

There are many more great insights Rand Fishkin shares in this Whiteboard Friday video. Be sure to watch the full video or read the transcript to hear his specific tips on the points above and to learn more on whether or not to gate your content (he leans toward “don’t”), selecting the right stages in the funnel to optimize, mobile content and more.

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