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Efficiency and productivity have become major buzzwords in the business world. From sales teams who are looking to increase the number of outreach messages they can send, to customer service departments seeking to streamline communications, to online pharmacies wanting to quickly address customer FAQs – every industry needs tools to be more productive.

Coupled with over 52% of the standard workweek being spent doing repetitive tasks, that distract knowledge workers from strategic work – over $16 billion in productivity is lost every week.

That’s why our FlyMSG text expander is on pace to completely revolutionize how teams communicate, how customers are engaged, and how productivity is finally achieved in B2C and B2B businesses.

In this episode of the Modern Selling Podcast, we dive into the problem that FlyMSG solves, what the market potential looks like, and how eager investors can get access to an incredible investment opportunity.

Download the entire episode to hear the ins and outs of how FlyMSG works and what industries are already lining up to use this productivity tool to save time.

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What is FlyMSG?

FlyMSG is a personal writing assistant and text expander platform that helps today’s modern knowledge worker replace the copy and paste. 

When we started on this journey over two years ago, we had no idea that FlyMSG would evolve into the powerhouse tool that it is today. As you may know, Vengreso, was started as an online sales company, pro

But, after working with thousands of sellers, we found that many sellers had sets of scripts that were stored all over the place. Some scripts might be in a Google document, others might be in Notepad, and others might even be stored in a draft email. With all of these different scripts in different places, we saw sellers sinking tons of time just trying to track things down.

So we launched FlyMSG to take all those prospecting messages, customer engagement messages, LinkedIn messages – you name it and put them in one cloud-based solution that they could tap into in seconds.

Fast forward to today, FlyMSG is far more than a sales productivity tool. It has evolved into a business productivity tool – across nearly every industry!

Our now 2,000+ users span sales, customer service, marketing, human resources, education, pharmaceutical, real estate, and even the tech industry!

We have Google developers who leverage FlyMSG to call up repetitive code, online customer service teams that use FlyMSG to quickly respond to customer questions, HR Managers who incorporate FlyMSG to send out onboarding emails to new staff members. The number of use cases for FlyMSG has expanded exponentially – and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Tune into the full episode to hear why FlyMSG is positioned to take a large share of this $42 billion productivity management software market and how you can be a part of this exciting new venture.

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What is the growth trajectory of FlyMSG?

FlyMSG is positioned to penetrate the Productivity Management Software market, which to date stands at $42 billion but is estimated to balloon to $122 billion in the next six years, at an impressive 14.5% compounded annual growth rate.

Since the pandemic, the demand on productivity tools has exploded and has become a growing need for every knowledge worker on the planet.

According to our research, the average knowledge worker is spending at least 25 hours a week doing manual repetitive tasks between email and data entry. This topic of how to increase productivity has become a hot topic across all business verticals and industries. Which is why FlyMSG has the potential to attract millions of users, very quickly.

Plus, unlike other productivity tools, FlyMSG has 200+ built-in templates that users can immediately use when they download the plugin. From 60 different HR scripts to 40 different sales scripts – you name it, we’re building it out in FlyMSG to make the need for copy and paste to become nonexistent.

Join the conversation and hear the exciting stats of the industry and FlyMSG’s growth plan for early stage investors.

Watch here, the video version for this episode:

What is FlyMSG’s competitive advantage?

We’ve studied what our initial FlyMSG users are looking for and how they’re using it to build in a host of unique features including the ability to:

  • Categorize content – you can seamlessly sort, label, and categorize your stored FlyMSG Fly Plates, making it easier for you to recall and share key messages and information.
  • Use FlyMSG everywhere online – FlyMSG is not limited to one platform or one website. Instead, you can use FlyMSG – no matter what online platform you use and can easily pull in messages in email, social media, websites, etc.
  • Educational support – unlike other tools, FlyMSG also comes with a robust library of sales and prospecting training that teaches users how to make their messages more effective for their various audiences.

Plus, from the investor’s perspective, FlyMSG is the only productivity tool that offers $10+ monthly plans, which puts our Average Revenue Per Unit (ARPU) 3-5x higher than our competitors.

By leveraging Vengreso’s previous success as a Sales Training company, we have a solid marketing and influencer foundation to get traction quickly and to tap into a prospective customer audience of more than 5,000,000 that we already have access to. Because of our existing thought leadership position in the market, we can get more traffic to our website just through social posts than other businesses can using Pay Per Click ads.

Listen in to the full episode to hear the impressive bios of our leadership team and get an inside scoop into who is on our Board of Advisors.

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What’s the investment opportunity with FlyMSG?

We forecast FlyMSG will have 2 million active users in the next five years and will be valued at $65 million.

We’re confident we can hit these user numbers because we have a global team of developers who are actively working to scale FlyMSG and bring in highly unique integrations with AI copywriting, Behavior Analysis, CRM integrations, and much more!

For this round, early stage investors can get in with an investment as low as $100. However, if you invest $5,000 or more you’ll receive lifetime access to FlyMSG as well as a host of other benefits.

This is an amazing opportunity – and I don’t just say this as the Co-Founder. We have been contacted by several large tech giants who are closely watching the growth of FlyMSG and would be interested in an acquisition in the near future.

And, for all angel investors – regardless of the investment, we’re offering a 20% discount on all future rounds and a $7 million cap – whichever is greater.

If you’re an interested investor, you can learn more about this FlyMSG investment round on our WeFunder page or feel free to email me directly at!

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