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Kirsten Chiala is Digital Content Manager, Social Media Communications at Cisco. She is leading her team to tell Cisco’s story to reach and engage their B2B audience through a newsroom-style branded journalism strategy. You’ll discover how The Network at Cisco features thought leadership content, as well as creative content such as a graphic novel featuring superheroes like SuperSmart and Dr. Analog, a serial magazine, 6-second Vine videos, and other fresh content on relevant technology topics.

Cisco is a global leader in the hardware, software and services that are used to create the Internet solutions that make networks possible. An employer of more than 70,000 people, Cisco has a plethora of angles from which to tell their story. How will you apply their creative content strategies in your business?

On This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • That Kirsten is an Emmy Award winning Executive Producer at NBC News in San Fransisco.
  • How Kirsten transitioned from television news coverage at NBC to storytelling at Cisco, a Fortune 500 company.
  • How The Network is Cisco’s newsroom style content hub which publishes thought leadership content as well as technology focused content.
  • How Kirsten says brand journalism is talking more about what’s trending, not just about your brand.

Brand journalism is like being next to a cool person at a party… don’t always talk about yourself, talk about what’s trending.

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  • How Cisco updates The Network five days a week with new stories written by their team of journalists.
  • The make up of the content team at Cisco’s The Network and how they decide what to cover.
  • Why Kirsten insists on the need for a content team to have an editorial calendar, and how agility comes into play with trending topics.
  • How Cisco plans out their serial content months in advance and what types of serial content they produce through their FOCUS digital magazine.
  • How Cisco is using videos, graphics and text content to portray their innovative DNA to their audience.

#ImagineCisco Vine video - Social Business Engine

  • How Cisco’s Vine campaign #ImagineCisco consists of short stories about how technology is evolving.
  • How you can incorporate Periscope into your content strategy and how employees can be storytellers with proper guidance.
  • How their graphic novel, SuperSmart in The Case of the Smartest Cities, is one of Cisco’s best performing content assets.
  • How Cisco created a blog around a trending hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer by requesting employees to tag their photos with this hashtag.
  • What Kirsten’s team considers when targeting their B2B audience and how the content is optimized for each social channel.
  • How Kirsten’s team created a trailer for #DetectedMovie into snackable pieces of content for people to understand the technology.
  • How Kirsten recommends looking to the various tools available to do storytelling for your brand.
  • Why your content team should ask for content from other teams outside of marketing.
  • How Cisco takes their big rock content and creates blogs, infographics, interviews, etc., around it to reach more people.
  • Why Kirsten’s one thing is to be innovative and take risks that will empower your brand to stand out.

Cisco Graphic Novel - Social Business Engine


Featured On This Episode:

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