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Building a healthy sales culture is becoming more and more important in the modern selling context. It impacts everything from career paths and the success of team members to retention and churn to recruitment and even to landing big deals. This conversation touches on many of the things sales leaders need to consider when it comes to building a successful team culture within their organizations.

The main point is this: the healthier your team culture, the more powerful your organization will be across the board. Join me and my guest, Mike Volpe, CEO of for this episode of #ModernSelling.

Learn tips for building a healthy team #culture in your #sales organization from @MVolpe, CEO of @LolaTravel, on this episode of @GoModernSelling, with @M_3Jr, CEO of Vengreso! Listen now! #SalesLeaders #cadenceguide @xant_ai Share on X

Building A Healthy Sales Culture Includes Clear Career Paths

One of the things I love about the way leadership at has boosted the morale of their team is that they outline clear qualifications for advancement. This especially applies to their sales and software engineering teams (the two largest teams within the company). They want to make it simple for all team members to understand the skills, experience, and competencies they need to possess in order to move into the next position on their career journey.

Similarly, the path to moving into leadership within those departments is clearly defined. That way, those with the drive and motivation to excel have clear goals and a destination in mind. But Mike makes it clear that the leadership team should not feel responsible to hold the hands of those who need to grow or who seek to be promoted.

Instead, they should encourage continuous development but leave it to the individual team member to own their career and take responsibility for their personal advancement.

Healthier Culture Can Slow Team Member Churn

There are many reasons team members leave a company. However, sales has a higher than average turnover rate. Why? I asked Mike to share his insights and he provided a handful of helpful observations:

Mike has years of experience both as a manager, and now as CEO of He’s seen and experienced the challenges of building a healthy sales culture. Listen to learn how you can be instrumental in improving the culture of your organization.

Healthier #culture can slow team member churn in your #sales organization. Learn from the experience of @MVolpe, CEO of @LolaTravel, on this ep. of @GoModernSelling, w/ @M_3Jr of Vengreso! #SalesLeaders #salescadenceguide @xant_ai Share on X

Remote Team Members Require New Approaches To Building A Sales Culture

Relationships are never easy but are easier to manage when you work in the same office. That means the advent of remote work and remote teams adds a layer of complexity to the cultivation of healthy team cultures. Our team here at Vengreso is 100% remote so we’ve experienced our share of challenges when it comes to this issue.

Mike says that we have to work extra hard at creating and finding ways to connect team members to each other, even across departments and disciplines within the organization. We discuss how chat tools, video conferencing, leading by example, and creative onboarding techniques can be utilized to build a thriving team culture in spite of distance and geography.

Inclusion And Diversity Figure Heavily Into Company Culture

Modern selling requires an awareness of modern-day issues. Therefore, leaders must recognize the importance of diversity to make them a top priority.

Mike points out that intentionality in this area enables a company to be more successful in many areas, including recruitment and hiring, retention, leadership, and even landing multi-million dollar deals.

Listen to hear how one company lost a record-setting contract solely because the company’s leaders had not paid enough attention to the issue of inclusion and diversity. You’ll also receive Mike’s advice on how you can be instrumental in making your team culture a more welcoming and affirming place for all people.

#Inclusion and #diversity figure heavily into company and #sales #culture. Hear more advice from @MVolpe, CEO of @LolaTravel, on this ep. of @GoModernSelling, w/ @M_3Jr, CEO of Vengreso! Listen! #Leadership #cadenceguide @xant_ai Share on X

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Positive team #culture in any #sales organization includes clear career paths for team members. Get suggestions from @MVolpe of @LolaTravel, on @GoModernSelling podcast with Vengreso's @M_3Jr! #Business #salescadenceguide @xant_ai Share on X The rise of #remote team members requires new approaches to #sales team #culture. Discover what they are from @MVolpe, CEO of @LolaTravel, on @GoModernSelling, with @M_3Jr, CEO of Vengreso! #SalesLeaders #cadenceguide @xant_ai Share on X
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