LinkedIn Profile Makeover

VengresoLinkedIn Profile Makeover

10 Practical and Tactical LinkedIn Tips for Social Selling Success

Leveraging LinkedIn for business development is essential for anyone looking to grow their pipeline with targeted prospects, and convert connections to phone calls and ultimately revenue. The following are 10 essential LinkedIn tactical actions that can help you on your social selling journey. 1. Update your LinkedIn...

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three laptops with LinkedIn logo connected to the blue 3D word BACKUP

4 Steps to Backup Your LinkedIn Account in the NEW User Interface

LinkedIn is a powerful career & sales tool because it helps us make connections and build relationships with people that evolve into job or sales opportunities. Through LinkedIn we’re able to build professional credibility with complete strangers by posting insightful content, receiving endorsements and personal...

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Viveka von Rosen, personal brand on LinkedIn

How To Build A Powerful Personal Brand On LinkedIn, with Viveka Von Rosen, Episode #7

If you aren’t building your personal brand on LinkedIn you are likely missing many opportunities. My guest today is THE expert at teaching sales leaders and business professionals how to build their personal brand on LinkedIn in ways that get almost immediate results. Viveka von...

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