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How to Drive Predictable Sales Revenue with Kevin Knieriem, #162

Subscribe to Modern Selling on the App of Your Choice! One of the most common struggles for sales leaders is forecasting, understanding what is going on with the business and how to get predictable revenue. In this episode of the Modern Selling Podcast, my guest, Kevin Knieriem, CRO at Clari, talks about using Artificial Intelligence […]

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Sales Prospecting Tools that Will ROCK Your World

With digital selling taking over traditional sales methodologies, there has never been a more exciting time to be in sales. Leveraging technology, social selling, and sales prospecting tools has ushered in a new era for anyone pursuing a career in sales. For the first time ever, buyers and sellers are completely aligned. Buyer behavior and […]

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3 Ways Customer Success Drives Upselling and Cross Selling Revenue

Customer Success (CS) is much more than managing “the implementation.” It’s about driving success for your existing customer so they will be satisfied and will remain a customer beyond the initial sale. Customer success can drive upselling and cross-selling revenue. To achieve this, organizations must build a customer success team that turns customers into raving fans, […]

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How to Calculate the ROI of Your Sales Tools

Are you calculating the ROI of your sales tools? Discover the three easy steps to track the tech sellers use at different stages of the sales cycle to measure the ROI.

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3 Ways Your Sales Reps Can Fill Their Pipeline with Video

Vengreso teaches sales reps 16 use cases for personalized video messaging. These 3 use cases can get your reps started with video messaging now.

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How To Measure Contribution To Sales Pipeline From Events

Events have always been difficult to track when it comes to their impact on the sales pipeline. But no more. Tech and systems change everything. Listen to learn more.

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Accelerate Your Team’s Sales Pipeline Using this One Method RIGHT NOW

Are your sellers struggling to make their numbers? Sales leaders, teach your reps how to earn more referrals to fill their sales pipeline with this easy process.

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3 Game Changers Sales Leaders Should Know about Selling with LinkedIn

Sales leaders need to take action on these three game changers to improve their team’s ability to create more sales pipeline and more wins.

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How To Leverage Sales Videos to Build Authority, and Trust, with Viveka von Rosen, Episode #75

Viveka von Rosen is Vengreso’s expert on using video for sales. On this episode of Selling With Social, she explains why using video for sales will help you.

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4 Sales Best Practices From the King of Sales, with Jeffrey Gitomer, Episode #67

Few professionals in the sales industry are as influential as Jeffrey Gitomer, famously known as the King of Sales. Jeffrey is a world-renowned business coach, professional speaker, and author. He is a living example of how determination and desire can turn pipe dreams into reality.