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Increasing your Sales Productivity, with Jill Konrath, Episode #5

I’m super excited to introduce you to one person who has helped me face head on my own sales productivity problem with her latest book. Her name is Jill Konrath and she’s truly an icon in the sales industry. With over 1/4 million LinkedIn followers, Jill Konrath was recently named one of the top 7 sales influencers […]

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You’re Driving Leads via Social ALL Wrong!

Forbes contributor Mike Templeman recently interviewed Mario Martinez Jr., founder, and CEO of Vengreso, about driving leads via social and how reps are doing it ALL wrong. Why Mario? First, he’s walked a mile (or two) in your shoes! Just over a year ago, Mario Martinez Jr. was responsible for launching the North America Social Selling […]

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A LinkedIn Profile Makeover Drives Sales Results

In the fall of 2016, we announced a major milestone in our company. We were awarded a contract to rebrand a thousand sales professionals through our LinkedIn makeover program, called a LinkedIn Profile Transformation, to attract the modern buyer, create a lead magnet, and optimize them for search engines to create valuable leads for their […]

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Best Practices Interview with Mario Martinez Jr.

As Social Selling with LinkedIn grows, Sales Navigator – LinkedIn’s Sales Solution tool – is growing as well. Companies are signing their sales teams up in droves.  Now, even entrepreneurs and selling CEO’s are looking at this premium tool as an essential platform in their business development efforts. While the features and benefits are clear, […]

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LinkedIn’s Ambitious Introduction Feature and Six Degrees of Separation

A few weeks ago I sounded a false alarm over the demise of LinkedIn’s Connection Strength feature.  It turns out that LinkedIn simply moved this valuable relationship-ranking feature from the obvious “How You’re Connected” section to the less intuitive hidden drop-down arrow on the main profile section. Recently, introduction requests from two of my Level […]

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LinkedIn Brightens Up My Birthday

Do you know people who downplay their birthdays?  I am not one of them. I love celebrating my birthday and having people make a fuss over me. That’s why I was excited to receive 45 “Happy Birthday” wishes from LinkedIn Connections yesterday. Ever since LinkedIn unveiled the Contact Reminders feature last year, I’ve been training […]

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LinkedIn and the Recruiting Industry

I recently spoke twice at the California Staffing Professionals annual conference.  One session was called “LinkedIn for Salespeople” and the other one was called “LinkedIn for Recruiters”. These two different audiences led to some observations: LinkedIn usage among recruiters is high. Jobvite’s 2012 social recruiting survey shows LinkedIn usage among recruiters is 93%. Like salespeople, […]