How to Change Green Screen Background During Your Sales Calls

Change Backgrounds with Green Screens During Sales Calls to Visually Stimulate Buyers and Clients


How’s my background look? Is it clean? Am I showing the best version of myself in the elements (books, pictures, etc.) that people will see behind me? These are the questions I ask myself before starting a video call, and I’d guess you go through the same thoughts if you don’t know how to change the green screen background or haven’t invested in one.

Then you don’t want to miss this advice from Vengreso’s own LinkedIn Expert, Viveka von Rosen, and Vengreso CEO, Mario Martinez, Jr.

Ranging from $25 to hundreds of dollars on Amazon, green screens can greatly upgrade your professionalism for video calls and recordings. Continue reading to discover why the Vengreso sales team is pro-green screen and why you should be too!

Why would a salesperson want to use a green screen and act like they're somewhere that they're not? Find out in this article featuring #SalesTips from Vengreso's @M_3Jr and @LinkedInExpert. #DigitalSelling #SellingWithVideoClick To Tweet

How to Use a Green Screen Background to Visually Engage Buyers & Clients

Mario quickly jumps from the Florida coast to a New York City high rise, to a Miami penthouse, to a yacht in the video above. But why? Why would you want to use a green screen and act like you’re somewhere that you’re not?

Viveka actually lives in the mountains of Colorado, while Mario jumped from coast to coast in seconds. It’s your preference and adds a bit of fun. The digital screen background you choose can be as realistic or unrealistic as you like.

Benefits of Green Screens

A green screen background is really just a green curtain, but…

If you use Zoom for your video calls, they offer a simple way to change out the background if you have a green screen. They also have a feature we haven’t seen on any other video platforms called “Touch up my appearance.” It’s a filter that adds a glow and Viveka says it “takes off two or three years of your appearance.” Try it out for a boost to your self-confidence.

A green screen isn't about tricking people into believing somewhere you're not. It eliminates distractions from your background, putting the focus on you and your messaging. Learn some #SellingWithVideo tips here! #DigitalSales Click To Tweet

Leverage Digital Tools During Sales Calls

Step four in the 10 Steps to Launching a Digital Sales Program is choosing digital sales tools. A video platform will be one of those tools. Click the image to learn the other nine steps and start changing the game for your salespeople with a digital selling program.

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