Chipotle Niche Keyword Strategy Drives SEO Performance

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Chipotle Niche Keyword Strategy Drives SEO Performance

While researching SEO strategy data recently, I uncovered some performance indicators that I thought were worthy of sharing. This particular strategy is only valuable when pairing a trending topic buzzword, in this example, Chipotle, with a more niche long-tail keyword that is relevant to both your title and content strategy. Creating informative and valuable content is vital. However, keywords can impact discoverability when embracing an objective-driven content strategy that focuses less on exact match keywords and more on keyword roots that are most valuable and descriptive to your brand and your audience(s) interests. In modern SEO, your keywords must be synergistic to your content strategy, messaging and objectives.

Criteria of a Strong Performing Blog Posts

1. Valuable, Well-Written Content

The writing must be crisp and clean to grab the reader’s attention. The topic should be of interest to your target market and provide depth through examples and details to add value to the readers. And it is essential that your writing avoids spelling and grammar errors because it may send a message to potential customers that your organization is sloppy or worse, uncaring.

2. Strong Title

Your title should be short, simple and straight to the point. You must be clear with your main benefit and what readers can expect. Your title impacts how many clicks your article receives and sets the tone for the writing.

3. Social and SEO Engagement

These results show how much your audience interacts with your content. Engagement rates will indicate audience health (how responsive your audience is and how many are “real” followers), interesting content types and awareness of your brand. Track results to create more content, in terms of both types of content and topics, that your audience craves.

How to Create a Content Strategy

Most B2B companies focus their content strategy around niche topics and verticals. Therefore, many business blog posts have a limited shelf-life:

Standard Results from blog content strategy

When a blog post is new, the post gets read, shared and when the sharing and clicks slow down, so does the interest to the post and consequently, the traffic and ranking. However, if a blog post sustains interest, Google is going to favor its search result page ranking, which in turn drives traffic back to your website over a much longer period of time due to more discovery:

Blog Content Driven SEO Strategy

So how do you create a content strategy that helps your blog posts generate and build sustaining traffic back to your website and build discovery?

Pairing a Buzz Word with a Niche Keyword

To discern the value of using this particular content strategy, I drilled down into Google Analytics data to compare two blog posts written around the same branded keyword that was generating a lot of traffic across the web.

Last year, Chipotle was a hot topic in the media and general conversation following the launch of their sustainability cause campaign. This media buzz translated into a large spike in their organic search results, which has maintained organic search to over one million searches to their site per month:

Chipotle content organic search results

Two blog posts were created around Chipotle on two different domains with different but similar content strategies:

Long Tail SEO content strategy

By pairing the high ranking brand name “Chipotle” with a more niche keyword phrase created a long tail keyword within each title (Chipotle ad campaign in the first post and Chipotle cause marketing in the second), both posts rank in US search results on page one rankings nine and six months respectively after their publish date.

The Real Value of Niche Long Tail Keywords In the Title

Both posts have several common denominators:

Ad campaign SEO content strategy over time

Cause marketing SEO content strategy over time

The volumes are different, but the patterns are similar. Each post continues to drive traffic with more than 90% of the traffic coming from organic search results. There are a lot of variables in a good content strategy. This is just one and only works if the title and the keyword within the title echo around what your post is written.

Create a Content Strategy That Brings Results

Whether you’re building brand awareness or driving traffic to your website to generate leads, you must create a content strategy that aligns your business goals with measurable actions to be productive in achieving results.

Download our whitepaper How to Design a Content Strategy That Generates Sales Leads From Day One and start designing an action plan for more sales and marketing success!

If you have any content-driven SEO strategy stories to tell, please share in the comments below.

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