Constant Improvement Through Sales AI and a Purpose-Driven Mindset, with Brandon Bornancin, Episode #74


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Sales AI is changing the way entrepreneurs and salespeople do business in the 21st-century. Brandon Bornancin, founder and CEO of has created a powerful tool for business people that allows them to connect more efficiently with prospective customers. On this episode of #SellingWithSocial, we discuss how he went from employee to entrepreneur and why he had to become his own investor. Brandon also shares top-level insights into how to succeed in business and sales – you can’t afford to miss this conversation.

Discover the secrets to constant improvement and a purpose-driven mindset, with #CEO @BBornancin of @SeamlessAI on this episode of #SellingWithSocial hosted by @M_3Jr - Listen now! #sales #SalesTips #BizSalesClick To Tweet

THIS is Why a Purpose-Driven Mindset and Sales AI Change the Way You Do Business

Brandon believes every entrepreneur and salesperson needs to adopt a “Me, Inc.” mindset. Closing deals becomes even sweeter when you view every contract through a mindset of personal benefit. Consider the question, “How will the work I’m doing right now impact my development as a professional and leader?” You can take this mindset even further by understanding how every sale improves the lives of your coworkers and the entire company. If you utilize cutting-edge sales AI technology, you can streamline the process of finding the optimal clients to pursue. Combining a purpose-driven mindset with sales AI creates an unbeatable method for sales success. You NEED to hear these details. Don’t miss the full story on this episode.

Success as an Entrepreneur Doesn’t Happen When You’re in it For the Money

True entrepreneurs don’t start out building their own company for the money. They do it for the lifestyle freedom that comes with being your own boss. If you break out of the employee mold solely for the money, Brandon believes that you’ll never be in the top 1% of entrepreneurs because the 99% don’t push through the hard work just to see the monetary rewards… it’s about lifestyle. To break through the money-making mindset, be sure to listen to this episode.

Success as an #entrepreneur doesn’t happen when you’re only in it for the $$. Find out why on this episode of #SellingWithSocial hosted by @M_3Jr with guest #CEO @BBornancin of @SeamlessAI - Listen now! #sales #SalesTips #BizSalesClick To Tweet

Building Your Business Takes 10x More Money, Time, & Resources Than You Think

When you begin building your own business, consider how much money, time, capital, and effort it will take to get your idea off the ground. Now multiply those figures by 10. That’s what Brandon recommends for all aspiring entrepreneurs. It will always take more of an investment than originally planned. That’s when sales AI can prove beneficial. If you utilize tools to streamline your digital workflow, you’ll be able to focus on building other areas of your business. And if you obsess over continually improving, you’ll find success as an entrepreneur.

Learn How to Overcome Failure Every Day and Develop an Optimization Mindset

Entrepreneurs must have thick skin. You’ll hear “no” from your customers, investors, friends, and family. The key is to overcome that hurt, grow as an entrepreneur, and prove them all wrong. Brandon has adopted an “ABO” mindset – always be optimizing! If you view every challenge as an opportunity to improve your business and develop better skills, you’ll find success. For more insights on how to overcome failure and develop an optimization mindset, be sure to listen to this episode.

Learn how to #OvercomeFailure & develop an optimization mindset by listening to this episode of #SellingWithSocial hosted by @M_3Jr with guest #CEO @BBornancin of @SeamlessAI - Listen now. #sales #SalesTips #BizSalesClick To Tweet

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THIS is why #SalesAI will change the way you do business. @BBornancin, CEO of @SeamlessAI, is on this episode of #SellingWithSocial hosted by @M_3Jr and you don’t want to miss his insights. Tune In now! #sales #SalesTips #BizSalesClick To Tweet
Building your business takes 10x more $ and time than you think. Hear how to succeed by listening to this ep of #SellingWithSocial hosted by @M_3Jr with guest #CEO @BBornancin of @SeamlessAI - Listen now. #sales #SalesTips #BizSalesClick To Tweet


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