Content Marketing is Like Producing a Movie

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Content Marketing is Like Producing a Movie

Marketing professionals are either scrambling to launch their content strategy or to step up their game to a new level. A CMI research report illustrates that the most common challenge marketers face is producing enough content.

In our work with clients, we’ve observed just about every excuse…er, I mean obstacle to producing meaningful content that has a measurable impact on the business. In my work to develop social business strategies, I’ve created an approach to content marketing that mirrors the method of producing a movie. Here’s how it works. 

The Players In Movie Production 


A movie producer initiates a project and oversees it from the conceptual stage through completion. Producers are responsible for initiating, coordinating, supervising, and controlling all aspects of the motion picture and/or television production process. They are involved on a daily basis with the creative, financial, technological and administrative processes. This includes supervising all phases of production from inception to completion.

In content marketing the equivalent of the producer is the top marketing executive. The CMO or VP of Marketing must have a vision for the content strategy. H/she must be capable of inspiring others to embrace the vision and manage the execution of all the details. This requires diplomatic skills in all directions of the org chart to get everyone on board with the vision.  


A movie director interprets the script, coaches the performers, works together with the cast, interrelating them all to create a work of art. He gains most when others are given their freedom to show what they know.

The film director is seen as a leader of others, as providing a kind of guiding force. The final outcome is more or less predetermined by requirements of the script, camerawork, acting, and editing; the director providing certain organizational context to the picture.

In content marketing the equivalent of the director is a project manager. The actual title of this person in your business isn’t important. H/she is empowered by the CMO to organize the “performers” needed to lead them to create content that meets business objectives.  


Actors give life to the ideas of writers and directors with a magic that exists only in the soul of a performer. Whether performed live or captured on film, the craft of the professional actor is one that aspiring thespians around the world seek to master.

It’s the power to transform a story into something that not only entertains an audience, but also whisks them away to another world and moves them in a deeply emotional manner.

In content marketing the equivalent of the actors is the pool of subject matter experts (SMEs) throughout the business who have the knowledge needed to create relevant content. These are the people who never went to school to become a marketer. They have degrees in engineering, law, physics, computer science, finance, etc. They work in departments other than marketing, and they are specialists in your business. It’s your job to harness their expertise and convert it to content that can be “produced” for public consumption.  


Screenwriters, scenarists, or script writers, are authors who write the screenplays from which movies and television programs are made.

Screenwriters, the folks who develop stories into the screenplays and scripts that take our imaginations to new heights, are the source for all the great movies and films we as fans enjoy.

In content marketing screenwriters are the writers and story tellers in the marketing department. It’s their job to capture the knowledge and insight from the SMEs and tell a story that people in your industry want to read (or see) because it adds value to their life or job or both.

Visual Effects Specialists

Visual effects involves high-end post production polish to create an amazing visual experience. It involves use of HD cameras & pro gear, basic and advanced camera techniques, basic and advanced video editing techniques, motion graphics, outputting media for Web, YouTube and mobile devices.

In content marketing the visual effect specialists are the designers who can convert a story into a visually compelling experience. This can involve enhancing a video interview through special visual effects, adding music and sound effects, designing an e-book to bring its content to life or creating a visually interesting infographic to communicate facts and figures captured from the SME.


Artists are the brainchild of visual effects and special effects from the simplest tricks of editing on through the total visual immersion available in current computer generated images (CGI), the combination of art and technology delivers whole new worlds for audiences to enjoy.

In content marketing the artists are the technical editors who sweat the details of all those visual effects to get the right color, or angle or sound effect or fade. In smaller organizations, the designer and technical editor are sometimes the same person.

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Bernie Borges

Bernie Borges is CMO of Vengreso, the leader in digital sales transformation. He's also Host of the award winning Modern Marketing Engine podcast. His book Marketing 2.0, was an early playbook in social media strategy. Bernie is also a trainer and speaker. He has a passion for guiding clients in aligning marketing and sales for accelerated revenue results. Bernie enjoys kayaking with his family in Tampa Bay, going to hockey games and you'll find him at the gym at 6am Monday through Friday, rain or shine.

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