Conversation Marketing Accelerates Business Result

Episode 4 features Todd Forsythe, Vice President of Conversation Marketing at EMC, with co-host, Liz Brigham, Sr. Product Marketing Manager from Jive Software.

Todd opens with an overview of their strategy across four pillars:

Liz and I interview Todd in a revealing conversation where he takes us behind the scenes to reveal how their Conversation Marketing strategy has realized the full potential of advocacy. Todd explains how EMC’s external community engagement has increased 60% year over year. Wow!

The EMC Community Network – ECN – powered by Jive Software, has grown to 280,000 members of peer to peer professionals sharing best practices, ideas and downloads. ECN members spend 250% more with EMC than non members. The EMC conversation marketing program has evolved from building customer loyalty to building customer advocacy. Double wow!

One of the key metrics Todd measures is engagement with customers. Engagement is up over 50% year over year. The holy grail for all marketers with social is monetization. EMC’s social listening strategy identifies buying triggers in community conversations. Those conversations get routed to a trained social sales organization for the closed loop result. Triple wow!

Jive is the platform that powers the community collaboration, enables content seeding, conversation and seamless discovery of people and content.

Todd says that what he might have done differently to build customer advocacy is engage product division executives earlier to ignite conversation. The grass roots effort has taken off though. Customers are provided special access to product roadmaps and perks at launch events.

Yet another business result achieved by the EMC ECN is a cost savings of $750,000 in product launch events. Quadruple wow!

There’s even more to this amazing social business success story. And, this is only part one of my interview with Todd Forsythe at EMC. Tune into episode 4 and get warmed up for episode 5.

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