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Creating an Integrated and Global Content Marketing Strategy


Pam Didner, Author, Global Content Strategist

In this episode recorded on location at the Integrated Marketing Summit in Kansas City, I interviewed speaker and author Pam Didner. Pam is a former global content marketing strategist at Intel currently on a worldwide tour promoting her new book Global Content Marketing. Pam shares insights from her book pertaining to the intricacies of planning, developing and implementing a global content marketing strategy.

Pam Didner book review

The 3 W’s in Integrated Marketing

Pam shares in her interview integrated marketing best practices she experienced while working at Intel. You should document very clearly what business and marketing objectives you want to accomplish. In terms of integrating marketing campaigns across products that span multiple product lines, Pam reveals the 3 W’s all large organizations must answer: why, who and what.

Why are you doing this specific campaign?
Who is your target audience?
What tactics are you going to use?

Efficient Communication across Different Time Zones

Integrated marketing in different time zones

Organizing meetings among key employees across different time zones can be challenging. Pam shares how she made it work. While at Intel, she had the same scheduled meeting and agenda twice in a day to accommodate the different time zones. One meeting would be held in the morning for those in Europe, Middle East and Asia. A second meeting would be held in the afternoon for those employees involved in the Asia-Pacific region.

Pam mentions that meetings, emails and having a collaboration tool in place are very important for efficient and effective communication in a global content marketing strategy.

The Results

Even in a well-planned and executed integrated marketing campaign, there still is drama. Pam shares that the drama and conflict can be minimized through collaboration and up-front communication. If nothing else, all key people involved will understand the objectives to be accomplished and move towards the same direction.

Catch the entire interview with Pam Didner in the video above.

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