How Digital Tools Have Changed Selling

How Digital Tools Have Changed Selling with Amit Bendov, #183

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As you’re aware, the speed of innovation is only getting faster in today’s dynamic market. Understanding the trends, and quickly responding to them, is the key to success.

Are you paying attention?

New data-driven sales technologies help sellers who are wanting to stay ahead of the curve, make the right decision at the right time

Today, I’m joined by my friend and mentor, Amit Bendov. the co-founder and CEO of Amit’s company has created a software solution in the category of Revenue Intelligence. Gong, helps sellers gain critical insights into what’s happening with leaders’ remote sales team, their deals, and market. Thus, transforming the way they go to market.

With over 20 years’ experience in hyper-growth software startups, Amit previously held the CMO role at Panaya. His outstanding track record of taking tech companies from unknown to market leaders has led him to being featured in such publications as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and others. 

In this episode, Amit and I discuss how developments in sales technology has not only helped companies overcome the immediate challenges of COVID-19, but how they’ll shape selling into the future.

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Selling in a Post-Covid World

Riding the tailwind of new trends in business brought about by the global pandemic, Gong has emerged as a key player in helping companies accommodate distributed workplaces.

Even as workers are heading back to more traditional office settings, shifting workflows appear to be outlasting the challenges of 2020.

Speaking of how selling has changed, Amit explains, “I think this started pre-Covid. Covid just accelerated things that were going to happen anyway.”

One thing is clear, sellers are working on learning digital selling skills. In the past, “wining and dining” customers was an integral part of their interactions with customers. We’ve learned over the past year that remote selling through digital media is viable, even with fewer in-person meetings.

Amit talks about the changes to on-the-job learning for remote sellers. For many, the days of learning through osmosis, by being in an office, are gone. Remote sales tools like Gong have filled in the gap. We’ve learned that teams can still share experiences and promote an amazing sales culture through remote interactions.

Workplace changes will reverberate for years to come, and firms will likely adopt a hybrid approach to remote and office work.

Listen to Amit and I talk about our thoughts on how Covid has influenced selling.

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The Role of Sales Tools in Coaching

Gong has been one of my favorite workplace tools. Call and email histories can be quickly reviewed, and the software lets me track when opportunities are at risk or advancing.

I can also listen to my reps’ calls in order to hear exactly what they’re saying to customers. One cool feature, the whisper function, allows me to provide live feedback and coaching.

Amit told me that sales coaching is even more critical in the sales post-Covid. Staff shortages abound and attracting top talent is paramount. Creating a positive, coachable team helps firms build a reputation for success.

Digital sales technologies like Gong have dramatically improved remote coaching for managers.

“If you get with someone shoulder to shoulder, you don’t know what you might be getting. The call might not have interesting moments in it at all,” said Amit.

Sifting through hours of data takes time, while recording calls, isn’t new. What’s new is that software, like Gong, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to catalog calls and pinpoint moments of interest. Gong even allows supervisors to add written feedback to calls.

Imagine this, libraries of winning plays and good case studies can also be indexed for training.

Listen to our conversation to hear more about how Gong’s data evaluation has guided improvements for me and my team.

Sales Technology Built for Reps

Digital tools like conversation intelligence are a necessary asset in any virtual selling environment. For just about any niche, there’s a digital sales tool that can help sellers become better prospectors, enabling them to be more productive and build better relationships.

Amit said that sales managers will be the ones who develop new technologies for their sales reps going forward. Companies like Gong are rep first engagement platforms.

Gone are the days when these programs were designed exclusively for leadership to make forecasts and track performance.

Before the pandemic, engineers struggled to secure funding for rep-centered sales technologies. Some say there are too many sales tools, but Amit disagrees. There are tens of thousands more marketing tools than sales tools. The disparity leaves plenty of room for innovation.

“As a CEO and a leader, I would like almost anything that can shave work from people. Everything that you can automate I like to invest in,” said Amit.

Tune in to the whole episode for more of Amit’s insight into the trajectory of modern selling technologies.

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Sales Technologies and Future Workplaces

Some leaders were concerned that reps would resent remote sales and/or sales prospecting tools. There was worry that the technology would seem invasive and would meet much resistance. When I recall my time working in the corporate world, I can only imagine how much easier my job would be with the productivity apps that we have available today.

The move to digital sales drives productivity for businesses. Artificial intelligence won’t replace salespeople but it will streamline and automate clerical functions.

Amit says sales leaders will be able to concentrate more on building relationships and relating to buyers as a result.

“The non-productive time, the traditional ways that don’t work anymore… Everything you hate will go away,” he said.

Hyper-personalization of sales strategies is the way to win in today’s environment. The data analysis gleaned from artificial intelligence can help us understand what to say to a potential modern buyer.

Knowing what to send buyers provides valuable information so they can spend less time researching solutions to their problems.

Listen to the show for more insights into how these new sales tools can help sellers engage with their clients and efficiently close more deals. 

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