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Dominate Your Sales Territory Online with Social Selling


Tim Hughes is recognized around the globe as a social selling pioneer and innovator. A repeat guest on the Social Business Engine podcast, Tim is a best-selling author, a speaker, and co-founder of Digital Leadership Associates. He and co-founder Adam Gray provide training and coaching on social selling at Digital Leadership Associates.


On this episode, we discuss highlights from Tim’s new and best-selling book: Social Selling – Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers. Tim reveals how salespeople can own their territories online, and the types of content they can create to be a part of their buyer’s research.

On this episode you’ll discover:

  • Tim has been in sales for 27 years with experience in enterprise B2B sales; his biggest deal was over $50,000,000!
  • Seven years ago Tim got involved in social media and then started to focus on social selling.
  • Tim’s new book, co-written with Matt Reynolds, is a playbook on how to use social media in sales.
  • Tim is a big believer in the book, The Challenger Sale…He’s always been good at building relationships online.
  • Buyers are conducting research online and don’t want to talk with a salesperson. They only need 20% of the information from the salesperson, providing the salesperson with less opportunity to influence the sale.
  • The buyer’s research starts with Google and asking around their networks. Salespeople need to be in those networks to influence the buyer’s research.
  • Social selling is a strategy – aka a change in behavior. Adopting a social selling strategy doesn’t mean you stop using the phone.

“Social selling is a strategy and a change in behavior.” @timothy_hughes #sbeshowTweet: Tweet This

  • Tim recommends organizational change since social is a transformational project across sales, marketing, and HR.
  • Start with a pilot and consider employing a bottom-up approach if your boss doesn’t understand social.
  • For the first few years, Tim suggests having a social community manager to enable salespeople to build their influence.
  • Tim recognizes the criticism of the viability of social selling and focuses on leads and pipeline when measuring for success.
  • Tim boldly projects an increase of 20% to 25% in revenue for companies that implement social selling with guidance from Digital Leadership Associates.
  • Tim and his team at Digital Leadership Associates have an ROI tool to show what a social selling strategy can do for a company before getting started.
  • Your LinkedIn profile must be an inbound asset and your competitive advantage.

Tim shares what a changemaker is

Featured On This Episode:

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