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Employee Advocacy is The New Marketing Paradigm


This episode is a little different. My guest today is…me….I want to devote an episode to a topic that I am passionate about in social business. But, first it occurred to me that I have never given much background on me. So, before I dive into this topic, here’s just a little bit about me….
Founder, CEO of Find and Convert, a B2B digital marketing agency.
New York City –> Silicon Valley –> Tampa Bay
Empty nester who doesn’t have enough time to enjoy the Florida sunshine. ;(

Content Shock: Mark Schaefer - BusinessGrow

Image Source: BusinessesGrow – Mark Schaefer

On This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • The modern marketing department has limited reach
  • The employee population represents the best opportunity for reach
  • Why the “Content Shock” factor is the premise for employee advocacy
  • The connected age paradigm spans personal and professional spheres
  • Connecting person to person – P2P – is the paradigm in the connected age
  • Employees have more reach collectively than most businesses do
  • The marketing department is too small
  • The most domain expertise is usually outside the marketing department
  • The paradigm shift to employee advocacy starts with a culture check
  • The C-Suite should embrace employee advocacy
  • Governance policy is a must to empower employees to be an advocate
  • Employee advocacy is a business strategy

Featured On This Episode:

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