Five Choices We Make to Be Future Strong

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Five Choices We Make to Be Future Strong

Bill Jensen is an internationally acclaimed thought leader known for extremely useful content and a passion for making it easier for everyone to work smarter, not harder. As CEO of The Jensen Group, Bill has worked with many clients such as Bank of America, Merck, Pfizer, GE, L’Oréal Italia, Genentech, NASA, Philips Lighting, and many others, to help companies double their efficiency.


Bill has spent the past 25 years studying how work gets done, and much of what he’s found horrifies him. On this episode, we’re going to dive into Bill’s latest book Future Strong. We’ll hear from Bill why the disruptive economy requires a workforce that is future strong and exactly what that means to each of us individually and to brands around the world. Tune in to hear Bill’s secrets to building your best future and how to lead your organization into the future.

On this episode you’ll discover:

  • Where Bill’s moniker Simpleton Bill came from and how it relates to “more, better, faster.”
  • How Future Strong was inspired by Charles Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities and how people are struggling to keep up with everything.
  • How the workforce needs to rely more on teammates (co-workers) and procedures, and the choices required to be future strong.
  • How every business needs A Players, and how everyone needs to be an A Player in some area of the business.
  • Why Bill says, everyone is facing an “Innovator’s Dilemma,” and how we all must be willing to be a “disruptive hero.”
  • Why you should manage your skills like an investment portfolio by being prepared for tomorrow and be willing to let go of what no longer serves you.
  • Why you should be intensely curious to be future strong.
  • Why Bill says, personal choices are corporate choices, and corporate choices are personal choices.
  • When researching for Future Strong, Bill crowd-sourced 7,000 senior executives, asking them, “What makes you, you?” and “What makes the tough choices that we all need to make as leaders to make future strong organizations?”

“The personal choices we make, also relate to how we work in the corporation.” @simpletonbill

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  • How these five choices to be future strong individually and in a company: inner truth, soul on fire, humble self, sacrifice, and reliance.
  • How there is a direct correlation between “crucible moments,” and how a crucible moment of my own greatly impacted my career.
  • How 80% of us think we know who we are, but have only done 20% of the work.
  • How knowing who you are personally is crucial so you have the foundation to fight for what you need to create results in the workplace.
  • How companies can leverage employees’ crucible moments to forge new programs, strategies and procedures.
  • Bill’s “one thing” is this question: “what do you want your legacy to be?”

Featured On This Episode:

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