Glenn Gaudet of GaggleAMP Talks Employee Advocacy Do’s and Don’ts

VengresoPodcast Modern Marketing Engine Glenn Gaudet of GaggleAMP Talks Employee Advocacy Do’s and Don’ts

Glenn Gaudet of GaggleAMP Talks Employee Advocacy Do’s and Don’ts

Glenn Gaudet, President and Founder of GaggleAMP, joined me on this Periscope-recorded episode at the AMPlify conference last week. AMPlify is GaggleAMP’s Employee Advocacy Conference where attendees have the opportunity to learn more about employee advocacy best practices and network with their peers. A cloud-based solution that brings together employees to be part of the online marketing engine, GaggleAMP does over 40 different things to make it easy and fun for employees to amplify their employer’s content. They help companies to encourage shares about the organization, positive reviews on Glass Door, the sharing of ideas, and other employee advocacy efforts.113_GaggleAMP_AMPlify

On this podcast, Glenn shares his insights on trends and best practices of employee advocacy. Tune in to find out what questions you should be asking when rolling out an employee advocacy program, how HR should be included, who “owns” employee advocacy and the general do’s and don’ts of employee advocacy.

On this episode you’ll discover:

  • The role of GaggleAMP as a technology solution to empower employees to be advocates for their employer.
  • Why Glenn suggests organizations consider the following questions when rolling out an employee advocacy program:
    • What are the goals of the organization?
    • What is the marketing strategy?
    • How are we going to align employee advocacy and tie it to our goals?
  • Why asking who owns employee advocacy isn’t the right question since it’s a strategic initiative.
  • How employee advocacy is not just about marketing and how it has a cultural impact on the business because engaged employees are more productive across the entire organization.
  • How advocacy is much more than marketing even though it generally falls in the marketing function.
  • How employee engagement is considered more HR centric with blurred lines to marketing.
  • How if employees are not engaged internally then employee advocacy is not likely to work.
  • How an organization can include HR in employee advocacy by showing them the HR potential of engaged employees and how it can contribute to recruiting efforts.
  • Why Glenn recommends that a business has a solid understanding of what they’re trying to accomplish and why it should identify subgroups of employees to target content and activities towards.
  • How the employee base should be segmented so that employees in different divisions get the content that is relevant to them.
  • How expectations need to be properly established, i.e. a company of 10,000 employees will not be entirely activated on social within a month.
  • How you should strive for steady growth within your employee advocacy program and how starting with a sample of influential employees is advised.
  • How employees from different parts of the organization should be involved in the first sample group to learn what type of activities they want to be involved in and how organizations should get their feedback along the way.
  • How an employee advocacy program aligns with the global goals of an organization and can help HR get higher company ratings/reviews on Glassdoor.
  • Why Glenn says to start small in parallel efforts across the business at a business unit level and then roll it up to corporate.
  • How social selling can be considered a subset of employee advocacy by some, but how employee advocacy is not necessarily about selling.

 “Engaged employees will be far more productive.” @glenng #employeeadvocacyTweet: Tweet This

  • How employee advocacy is the ability to tap into employees to share about the company and the culture and how it can be about goodwill, recruiting, branding, etc.
  • How social selling has become part of the sales methodology and is all about driving sales.
  • How Glenn says scaling employee advocacy depends on where the company is and how they’ve allocated social media marketing.
  • Why Glenn says come companies aren’t ready without a content strategy and some don’t have the culture to support it – if the business doesn’t allow employees to use social media at work, employee advocacy won’t work.
  • How there must be resources allocated to content because a business without content has nothing to amplify.


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