How NASA Does Social Media Marketing for all of Humanity


After hearing John Yembrick speak at Social Shake Up 2015 about NASA’s 500 social media accounts I knew I had to have him as a guest on the Social Business Engine show. John is the Social Media Manager at NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Alongside Jason Townsend, John’s goals for NASA’s social media accounts are to engage their audience, inspire, and inform the public about the projects NASA is currently working on.

Listen to this podcast to discover how NASA is targeting all of humanity to serve individuals with different interests through their niche social media accounts. Think about how you can put John’s insight on specialized social media accounts to work for your brand now. This episode will blow your mind out of this world and straight out to Pluto!

One of the #PlutoFlyBy images NASA shared on social media.


On This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Some of the AMAZING projects NASA is working on.
  • Some interesting facts you might not know about NASA.
  • How all of humanity could be identified as NASA’s target audience because they have something that interests everyone.
  • John’s objectives as Social Media Manager at NASA to engage with their audience.
  • Although it is a government agency, NASA thinks and acts like a brand.
  • Why John says NASA’s product is space exploration.
  • Why and how NASA shares content to inspire young people to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).
  • NASA’s social media content informs people of little-known spin off technologies.
  • The types of content NASA shares is focused on how it affects YOU.
  • Why NASA has accumulated 500 social media accounts.
  • How having 500 social media accounts allows for the story to be told for individual projects/missions.

Reach specialized interest groups with niche social media
accounts like NASA does with their 500 accounts.
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  • The approval process NASA now has in place for new social media accounts.
  • A few questions for you to consider before starting a new social media account.
  • How NASA measures results to evaluate what works for future social media shares.
  • How management at NASA is a big advocate for social media and simply wants to see growth.
  • How John and Jason take content and repackage it for NASA’s social media.
  • How NASA handles crisis management with pre-written language for immediate communication.
  • The involvement of astronauts in social media at NASA.
  • Why John says “social media is not just a way to connect people behind a two-dimensional screen, but it’s a way to get real human beings involved.”
  • The success NASA has seen from experimenting with Tweet Ups and other social media events.
  • How anyone active on social media can apply to the NASA Social program.
  • How NASA was able to keep the line of communication open during the government shutdown of 2013 thanks to their social community’s help.
  • John’s “one thing” is related to the growing role of advertising in reaching your audience on social media.

Featured On This Episode:

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