In our second Up Close podcast series co-hosted with Guillaume Decugis, CEO of Scoop.It we deliver a comprehensive education on a topic all marketers care about..

Lead Generation Through Content Marketing 

We published a five (5) episode podcast series on April 10th through April 14th titled A 5 Step Blueprint for Lead Generation through Content Marketing.

You can access all five episodes in one recording file here.  The full recording of these five episodes runs just over one hour. Additionally, when you register to get the five-episode series, Scoop.It is providing a generous download paper titled How to Generate Leads through Content Marketing.

Here’s what we cover in the five episode Up Close Series podcast:

1. Content Strategy & Content plan

2. Marketing & Sales Alignment

3. Content Marketing infrastructure

4. Measurement

5. How to Implement a World Class Lead Gen Content Marketing Program

Here’s a preview of each episode.

1. April 10th: Content Strategy and content plan

  • Are you creating content for content’s sake or are you doing content marketing?
  • Content marketing: publishing and distributing content that drives people closer to a purchase decision.
  • Define your buyer personas.
  • Define the customer journey with funnel stages.
  • Define funnel stages and your audience’s top questions at each stage plus relevant CTAs.
  • Content and customer journey mapping equals your content plan.

2. April 11th: Marketing & Sales Alignment

  • Lead generation is a relay race involving marketing and sales: alignment is key.
  • The importance of documenting your content marketing strategy to make sure you have clear alignments on buyer personas, lead qualification criteria.
  • Involving the sales team in the content plan generation: what questions do you get from prospects and clients?
  • Involving the sales team in the content plan execution: sharing, distributing and even co-creating content.
  • Maintaining and managing the alignment: content as part of sales enablement. What content is used by sales? What is missing? What should be used but is not?

3. April 12: Content Marketing Infrastructure

  • All content should convert… provided you have the right content marketing infrastructure.
  • Distribute content to convert.
  • The 3 pillars of a content marketing infrastructure .
  • Why you need a content hub to generate leads.
  • Good content that gets distribution beats awesome content that gets none all the time.
  • Lead magnets vs traffic magnets.

4. April 13th: Measurement

  • Why lead generation should be the #1 KPI to measure your content performance.
  • How to attribute leads to content (in a way that convinces your VP of Sales).
  • A simple action framework for content marketing analytics.
  • Why and how to perform regular content audits.
  • How to drive predictable results with content marketing intelligence.

5. April 14th: How to Implement a World Class Lead Gen Content Marketing Program

  • Content marketing is a must-have for lead generation: the average conversion rate of a website without content is 0.5% vs 2.9% with content
  • Yet, we’ve seen that to generate leads with content marketing, you need a documented content strategy aligning sales and marketing efforts
  • You need a content marketing infrastructure to publish and distribute content that converts and a measurement system to measure how many leads your content generates.
  • How can you do that without failing or wasting months?
  • If you have limited resources, work with a content marketing agency to provide strategy and implementation resources.
  • Use automation systems that will ensure your methodology stays consistent, provide time-savings and intelligence to optimize your ROI.
  • 5 examples of how automation can help streamline your lead generation strategy through content marketing.

Consider locking yourself in a conference room with your staff to listen to this podcast series over a lunch-n-learn. In one lunch-hour, you’ll gain huge insights into what it takes to create a world-class lead generation program through content marketing.

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