How to Use Sales Videos to Break Through the Noise

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How to Use Sales Videos to Break Through the Noise

Are your cold email outreaches falling flat? Is social selling leading to results far below your expectations? Then it might be time to explore sales videos to break through the noise.

You know the noise I’m referring to… Full inboxes, a constant newsfeed on social media that never ends, and distractions from notifications you wish you could figure out how to turn off. You’re likely overwhelmed by all the digital hubbub, and you better believe that your prospects are too.

Importance of Videos for Salespeople

87% of businesses have caught onto the importance of video, but what about salespeople? More than half of executives prefer video over text when given the option. If you haven’t jumped on video yet, what are you waiting for?

Jolynn Hauser, Sr. Channel Enablement Manager at CenturyLink, wanted to help her sellers break through the noise with video as part of their digital selling program. She hired Vengreso for training since she’d worked with the team before, and understood that investing in a product wasn’t enough. Her team needed training as well.

Vengreso taught her sales team how to get comfortable with video, the different tools available, and what to record. Additionally, we trained them on best practices so their videos will drive sales conversations! Watch the short clip below to hear her testimonial and keep reading to learn how sales videos can launch your sellers to the next level of selling.

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How Sales Videos Benefit Selling Efforts

Sales videos can be emailed, posted on social media, and shared almost anywhere around the web. They can be personalized for individuals or created for a broader audience. These five benefits will have you pressing the record button in three, two, one – action!

  1. Increases response ratesJeremy Steinman of the New York Jets finally received a reply after sending a sales video message to a prospect who was not responding. This is not uncommon. Here’s another example, OneMob recently reported how an account executive increased her response rate by 9 percent with video. 
  2. Improves visibility – Videos on social media platforms tend to receive more engagement than other post types. Especially native video and not a URL to a YouTube video. Read Viveka von Rosen’s blog article on LinkedIn Video Best Practices for Social Selling Success to learn more insights from THE LinkedIn Expert.
  3. Boosts credibility – A plain text email shows zero personality and gives people very little reason to trust you. With video, a salesperson can start to build a relationship with the other person. They see your facial expressions and gestures, hear your voice, and get to know, like, and trust you more than they would from a written message.
  4. Captures and keeps attention – Unlike an unmoving block of text, a video has sound and a moving picture that will keep the viewer interested.
  5. Quickly disseminates information – When you have a topic you want to share with someone, recording a short one- to two-minute video takes a lot less time for you, and is quicker for the recipient to consume. Salespeople can get their point across fast with sales videos.
More than half of executives prefer #video over text when given an option. If you haven’t jumped on video yet, what are you waiting for? Break through the noise and start reaching your buyers with #video! #DigitalSellingClick To Tweet

Learn How to Create Sales Videos that Make an Impact on Buyers

I hope that you now have a better understanding of why video is such an important ingredient in your sales team’s digital selling efforts. Through our Selling with Video Virtual Bootcamp, your salespeople will learn the recipe for creating effective, response-worthy sales videos all from home.


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Kurt Shaver

Kurt Shaver is a co-founder and Chief Sales Officer of Vengreso. Kurt is an expert at getting sales teams to adopt new sales tools and techniques. Through a successful career in technology sales, Kurt learned what it takes to reach B2B decision makers. As a VP of Sales for a global software company, Kurt was the executive sponsor of a rollout. That’s how he learned what it takes to get salespeople to adopt new tools and techniques. That knowledge led to him launch his own Salesforce consulting business in 2008. When LinkedIn went public in 2011, Kurt recognized that LinkedIn would be the next great sales technology and that it would require expert training. He pivoted his business and now has over 10,000 hours of experience training corporate sales teams like CenturyLink, Ericsson, and TelePacific Communications. Kurt is the creator of the Social Selling Boot Camp and is a member of the National Speakers Association. He frequently speaks at corporate sales meetings and conferences like Dreamforce, Sales 2.0, and LinkedIn’s Sales Connect.

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