HubSpot IntroducesSocial Sales CRM Platform

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HubSpot IntroducesSocial Sales CRM Platform

HubSpot CEO and co-founder, Brian Halligan’s opening remarks at today’s Inbound Conference in Boston were greeted with as much enthusiasm and anticipation as an Apple product launch by inbound marketers. Brian, along with CTO and co-founder, Dharmesh Shah, unveiled HubSpot’s new intuitive and automated CRM platform designed to help sales teams build relationships with prospects and identify when the prospect is ready to engage in conversation.

Brian Halligan, Inbound Marketing

Since inception, HubSpot has been the voice in helping marketers develop inbound marketing practices that focus on content driven strategies. Brian stated in his opening remarks, “We started HubSpot because we felt the way consumers shop and buy had fundamentally changed. The inbound movement has helped transform the world of marketing, and we really feel like there’s a huge opportunity to transform the customer experience with sales technology that enables companies to sell more, better, and faster.”

HubSpot defines social selling as when sales people use social media and content to interact directly with their prospects. Sales people will provide value by answering prospect questions and offering thoughtful content until the prospect is ready to buy. Thus, the use of social media in sales allows salespeople to delight their prospects rather than interrupt their daily lives with cold calls and hard sells, eventually converting some of them into opportunities and loyal customers.

The new CRM system helps marketers and sales professionals use content and social media to improve the user experience from first touch to sale. The system works with the current HubSpot content, contact and social media data and integrates with Sidekick (an evolution of HubSpot’s Signals product) allowing users to connect their email inbox and the CRM system, giving sales teams valuable details about the contacts and companies they meet during their day and everywhere they go.

Technology and social media have forever changed the sales process. Brian also stated, “Traditional sales technology is necessary but not sufficient. HubSpot’s Sales Platform is designed to arm sales teams with the context they need to improve how they engage with companies, prospects, and leads to drive sales instead of driving people crazy.”

HubSpot’s new CRM platform is designed to allow sales and marketing to collaborate more efficiently using user behavior, content, social media and demographic data that allows for better insights, resulting in more ROI opportunities.

Instead of “always be closing,” the “next generation of sales will always be helping.”

HubSpot users currently integrated into a CRM system will find the new CRM platform a welcome addition in helping the sales team interact more effectively with prospects through social media and email communication.

A brief overview of the new CRM platform includes:

CRM Features

Database – Collect & store data on contacts, companies, deals, and tasks with a reliable, easy to use database that is built for the scale of today’s data. Automatically creates company records, associates contacts, de-duplicates leads, and takes care of all the little details your team shouldn’t be distracted by.

Timeline – Today’s sales process happens across thousands of touch points and dozens of channels. Timeline organizes every email, call, note, even website visits into one simple, intuitive view. Make calls, send emails, set reminders, and organize your day in one place.

Email – HubSpot CRM connects to Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook, and Apple Mail, logging emails with your contacts easily and automatically. Send emails right from any contact’s record in HubSpot CRM.

Phone Integration (additional cost) – Make calls with one click in your CRM system. Easily and automatically log notes and recordings of your calls. (Recording optional.)

Google Calendar Integration – Connect Google Calendar to HubSpot CRM to see scheduled meetings and create new meetings in seconds without ever leaving your CRM.

Data Enrichment – Instantly see new, useful information about any contact or company. Background information, details on key employees, social data, related companies, and more.

Sidekick Features

Insights – Sidekick lives in your browser and follows you throughout your day, giving you valuable details about the contacts and companies you find and interact with in your inbox and on the web.

Notifications – Real-time notifications tell you when, where, and how prospects are engaging with you – by opening or clicking your emails, visiting your website, and more. Reporting helps you understand and track your teams’ activity and the performance of their messages.

Send Later – Get more out of your emails without sacrificing your workflow. Tee up messages from Gmail in Google Chrome to send on any day, at any time, when they are most likely to be opened & clicked.

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