Social business engine - episode 2 - sarah edwards, social strategy manager at the university of californ.

IU Health’s Digital Transformation Into an Online Health News Hub


Sarah Burns is Editorial & Social Media Strategy Manager at Indiana University Health, the largest research hospital in Indiana. In this podcast episode, Sarah discusses how IU Health has implemented an online news hub to increase their reach and provide consumer-friendly content for their audience.

Upon Sarah’s arrival at IU Health, she took her journalism know-how and transformed their blog into what is now the IU Health News Hub. Originally created for patients, employees are also a part of their target audience. The IU Health Consumer News Hub is a storytelling platform where Sarah taps doctors to be sources for content that is both news and health related. Building a rapport with physician groups, she was able to start conversations with doctors about social media and how they can use it to disseminate information and build their personal brand. This eventually piqued the physicians’ interests to be guest bloggers or serve as a source.

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One of the features on the IU Health Consumer News Hub is A Look at a Leader which was originally started to honor the organization’s past president, Dan Evans, as he was stepping down. The posts provide insight into the physicians’ personal passions and helps employees and patients to get to know the doctors. Other physicians have seen these posts and then felt encouraged to work with Sarah’s team. It’s also helped in recruiting new physicians to work for IU Health.

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As a member of the Mayo Clinic’s Social Media Organization, Sarah has the opportunity to discuss tactics and tools with others in similar organizations. Some take a journalistic approach, while others are more marketing focused.

Support from the C-Suite provides Sarah with the freedom to experiment. She mostly focuses on Facebook to share their content. Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are other platforms they maintain a presence on, and as expected the strategy varies for each. When publishing to Instagram or Pinterest, IU Health creates animations and infographics to help with visibility. Her content and social strategy have increased website traffic. The general audience’s penchant is rising for more visual content, and Sarah expects in the future they will need to create more visual storytelling.

Tune in to hear more from Sarah on how IU Health is leveraging content to connect with consumers and the healthcare community.


Sarah shares how brands can experiment with their content and social strategy

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