LinkedIn Hashtags What you Need to Know About It

What You Need to Know About LinkedIn Hashtags

How do you feel about using hashtags on LinkedIn®? Maybe you used them for a while and then stopped. The one place hashtags are extremely popular and useful is on Instagram.

In this video, Viveka von Rosen, CVO at Vengreso explains how LinkedIn hashtags have a similar feel. It allows you to follow, share, and engage in strategic hashtags.

When you click on a hashtag, you are presented with a list of relevant updates just like on Instagram and Twitter.

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You can find the hashtags you have saved and/or are using on the left sidebar of the LinkedIn® homepage. When you’re getting started with LinkedIn® Hashtags, LinkedIn will suggest a few based on past activity on the platform.

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Create a Strategy for LinkedIn Hashtags

Develop a social selling strategy around relevant hashtags for your personal brand. Do some research and find out what other popular hashtags you may want to monitor. It’s a great way to find prospects or other peers to connect with. Though you cannot trademark a LinkedIn hashtag, there are plenty of relevant ones to discover and follow.  If you’re looking for more valuable content from Viveka and Vengreso, check out the #VengresoVids Timeline.

Following the LinkedIn Hashtags that are relevant to you allows easy access for engaging with posts. When you start to write a post from within a hashtag feed, LinkedIn® adds in the hashtag for you.

Try using more than one hashtag in each post. Viveka, a.k.a. The LinkedIn Expert, recommends:

  1. One to two popular hashtags (with 50K or more followers) such as “#SocialSelling” or “#SocialMedia”)
  2. One to two “niche’ hashtags, that are specific to your industry, which have fewer but more focused followers (like “#SellingwithLinkedIn)
  3. One to two unique (or even branded) hashtags to help increase discovery of your content, and help your employees find and share company content, (like “#VengresoVids” or “#VengresoPics.”.
  4. And finally – if relevant, location hashtags (like “#Denver” or “#FortCollins.”

How are you using Hashtags on LinkedIn? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to check out these 10 LinkedIn tips that will help you achieve sales success and our LinkedIn premium guide to learn how it allows you to grow your revenue.

3 thoughts on “What You Need to Know About LinkedIn Hashtags”

  1. Great post. It seems you can now add your own. I have created some and people are using them on LinkedIn #slingshotvids and #chimptheory They don’t appear on the standard list but they still work if you search for them. Maybe if one you create gets popular it may eventually appear on the standard pick list. Cheers

  2. Hey Calum – thanks 🙂
    Yes, you can definitely create your own #Hashtags (we use #VengresoVids for example)
    LinkedIn owns communities right now, but maybe if a Hashtag gets enough play, LinkedIn will adopt it in communities. 🙂

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