LinkedIn Native Video – Coming to a Company Page Near You!

VengresoContent for Sales LinkedIn Native Video – Coming to a Company Page Near You!
LinkedIn Native Video – Coming to a Company Page Near You

LinkedIn Native Video – Coming to a Company Page Near You!

I am so excited to share the latest news about LinkedIn Native Video. Finally, LinkedIn is bringing native video to Company Pages. What does this mean? Now your company – the influencers within your company, and even employees (provided they have permission and access as an administrator) – can share video on the organization’s LinkedIn Company Page (and on their own personal profiles as well).

Finally, LinkedIn is bringing native video to Company Pages. What does this mean? @LinkedInExpert answers #LinkedInVideo #DigitalSellingClick To Tweet

As with any piece of content on LinkedIn, you must make sure your video provides valuable content (and isn’t just a sales pitch). Testimonials, product demos, interviews, best practices and tips, employee celebrations, client celebrations, holiday wishes, etc., are all great examples of video content that can be shared on a Company Page. Of course, video provides a great opportunity to showcase your company’s influencers, culture, products, news and events. Check out this post for an overview of how to use LinkedIn Native Video:

Examples for How to Use LinkedIn Native Video on Your Company Page

Here are some tips that my partner Brynne Tillman recommends for ways you can stand out by using native video on your Company Page:

Add a short Welcome video of your leadership team that mentions your value prop. Or you could even add a 30-second commercial letting your visitors know who and how you help as well as the value they’ll get by following your LinkedIn Company Page. You may want to consider pinning the video to the top of the page so it’s the first thing everyone sees.

  1. Client testimonials are always a great way to showcase your value and expertise. Consider recording some video testimonials from happy clients and sharing those on your company page.
  2. A quick demo is an ideal way to leverage video. Keep it simple, short and relevant to your buyer, with the goal of getting them to want to learn more.
  3. Industry insights, whether original to your company or curated from reputable, non-competitive sites is a great way to engage your page followers.
  4. Providing a “tip a day” that is relevant and has impact will showcase your company’s expertise and keep your buyers coming back for more.
  5. A weekly 2-minute interview with company team members talking about what they are proud of, a client success story or kudos to one of their co-workers is great for morale and recruiting culture.
  6. Whiteboard stories and animation are always a great way to attract views and get more page followers.

BONUS: Whenever content is shared to your LinkedIn company page, share it with your staff and encourage them to Like, Comment and Share it.

Here are some tips from @BrynneTillman on how you can stand out by using native video on your LinkedIn Company Page. #LinkedInVideo #DigitalSellingClick To Tweet

For more on creating great LinkedIn Native Video, click here.

Want to hear the other great news? In addition, you can now SPONSOR native video so that your target audience – those crucial people you really want to reach – will actually see the content! So, if you’ve only got 50 followers on your company page – but you’ve got a video that you want to share with thousands – it’s a lot more likely that the wider audience will see that video once it’s been sponsored.

What are some best practices? Here are the video specs and guidelines from LinkedIn:

Video Specs & Guidelines

This is important! @LinkedInExpert shares the video specs and guidelines from LinkedIn that you can use for your #LinkedInVideo. #DigitalSellingClick To Tweet

Check out this article from LinkedIn about video coming to Sponsored Content and Company Pages: “LinkedIn Goes All-In on B2B Video” 

I have been waiting for this since LinkedIn came out with video back in August. How will you use LinkedIn Native Video for company pages?

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