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PointDrive Pointers to Engage the Modern Buyer


Why use PointDrive?

There are many different reasons to use PointDrive.  Two of the most important reasons are:

  1. It allows you to create highly customized content to educate specific modern buyer personas
  2. You can track EXACTLY how engaged the buyer is.


When it comes to using PointDrive (PD), I feel you can use it to connect with, engage and track a Modern Buyer through their entire journey!  From the initial stage of creating awareness, to creating interest through disruption, to answering buyer questions, to helping them make the buying decision, to creating more top of mind awareness with clients, to ensuring customer success and creating new opportunities with existing customers, PointDrive can be an invaluable tool.

Infographic - 7 Types of Content for the Buyer's Journey

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In a recent Podcast, Bernie Borges interviewed Paul Johns about creating customized client experiences with Microsites – and PointDrive could definitely be considered a microsite! Listen to it here: http://bitly.com/SBE-228

In the interview, Paul talked about the fact that while we always want to be generating leads, our existing customer is a perpetual prospect.  He recommended using microsites (PD) to build trust with our prospects, help us become the trusted advocate for our prospects, and to create a sense of partnership with them.

Here are some strategic ways you can use PointDrive throughout the Buyer’s Journey:

  1. Work with your marketing department to find or create the assets best suited to the Modern Buyer for the step of the journey they are currently in.  It’s not one size fits all.
  2. If you have a coach or advocate at a Named Account – someone who works for the company and has a voice (maybe an Influencer) but who is not making the final decision – work with that person to create a PointDrive with the best resources for the person/people making the buying decisions.
  3. Test different PDs to see what number of assets gets the best response (I like between 3-5 assets).
  4. Keep an eye on your stats and share more of what works.
  5. Use PointDrive to engage with new prospects to educate them.
  6. Send SoWs and Proposals to Buyers, to track if they have actually read and opened them.  If not, follow up.
  7. Use PDs as a blueprint for success. If you have a software solution or training solution, use your PD to educate your existing clients in the step-by-step processes they need to employ in order to successfully launch your product or service.
  8. Keep in touch with existing clients (send “Best Practices” PointDrives to keep them engaged). Especially when it’s close to renewal time!  Don’t lose a client because they haven’t been using your product or service!
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Where to find it

PointDrive is a free tool that comes with the Team or Enterprise version of Sales Navigator, a LinkedIn Premium benefit.  The easiest way to get to PointDrive to view your existing presentations, create a new presentation or access your statistics is to go to Sales Nav and click on the PointDrive icon.

While presentations are mobile friendly and can be viewed by buyers on their mobile devices, the ability to create presentations is not available on the Sales Navigator mobile app.  However, if you receive an email notification on viewer activity, you can access these insights via your mobile browser.

How to create a PointDrive presentation

From the PointDrive homepage:


You can adjust the security of your PointDrive in various ways.  You can make it visible to other team members to copy and use by clicking on “Visible in Team Presentation.”

Or to limit visibility, click on the three dots to the right of the “Get Link” tab and choose the setting link to:

(You don’t want to disable access alerts because those are an opportunity to reach out and engage with a prospect.)

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Sample

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  1. You can change the visual image of your background.  You can add a solid color, use one of the already uploaded images or upload a new one.  Here’s a ninja trick: consider creating a background to reflect the client’s or prospect’s website or brand!  Your background image can be either a JPG or PNG and should be 600 X 1600 pixels.
  2. You can change your picture in your profile.
  3. You can change your logo (44 X 198 pixels).
  4. And you can change out the thumbnails that load with your links, documents and videos.

customize the images in your LinkedIn PointDrive

Ideal visual sizes are:


As mentioned earlier, it’s very easy to copy and edit an existing PointDrive. You can easily:

The following media types /assets can be added to your presentation:

  1. Files: You can upload files from your local computer, OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox. PointDrive will display .doc, .pdf. and .ppt files and images correctly. If you’re attaching other file types such as .xls then it might not display as expected.
  2. Link: Paste a URL into the link field to add a landing page to your presentation.
  3. Video: YouTube or Vimeo links are supported. You can also link to playlists on YouTube and Vimeo.
  4. Map: Enter the full address for the map to display the location. Keep in mind that you can’t drag the map around to change location; you’ll have to delete and re-enter the new address.
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  1. Once you feel your PointDrive is complete – click on Preview to see what your audience will see.
  2. If you are happy with your PD, just ” X out” of the Preview page to get back to your Presentation.
  3. Then click on the Get linktab to get a sharable link.

You can also, on the three dots to the right of the Preview tab, adjust your settings, delete your presentation or copy it.


You can track who has viewed your presentation, what assets they viewed and how long they stayed on each asset, as well as which out of all assets got the most views and the most time spent on it. (PointDrive doesn’t assess time for click-throughs.)

My Presentation page on LinkedIn's PointDrive

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A PointDrive on PointDrive!


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