In the fall of 2016, we announced a major milestone in our company. We were awarded a contract to rebrand a thousand sales professionals through our LinkedIn makeover program, called a LinkedIn Profile Transformation, to attract the modern buyer, create a lead magnet, and optimize them for search engines to create valuable leads for their clients!

[clickToTweet tweet=”Boom! @M_3jr has branded 1,000’s of reps via a #LinkedInProfileMakeover = #Sales. #SocialSelling” quote=”Boom! @M_3jr has branded 1,000’s of reps via a #LinkedInProfileMakeover = #Sales. #SocialSelling”]

Why are we having so much success?

Traditionally, a LinkedIn profile was thought to be an online professional resume. This does not work for a social seller.  Nearly 450 million people currently have profiles on LinkedIn. Yet, very few people are optimizing their LinkedIn profiles to be a resource page that maps to a buyer’s journey and shows exactly who they help and how they solve real business problems.  In addition, when optimized correctly, a LinkedIn profile is an excellent tool that can be keyword optimized, giving a competitive advantage to the company leveraging our LinkedIn Profile Transformation services.    

What are the results of a LinkedIn Profile Makeover?

We have been blown away by the successes our clients are having with our LinkedIn profile makeover and social selling training programs. In many cases, clients are replacing cold calls with leads from social selling and, in turn, producing great results.

“Working with M3JR was a great experience. Our goal was to help our salespeople find new ways to connect with and help IT buyers, and we’ve been very pleased with the results,” said Kim Addington, COO and CMO at NPI. “Mario and his team helped us rebrand our LinkedIn profiles and map them to the buyer’s journey, and provided the social selling training we needed to accomplish our objective. They walked us through the process every step of the way. Our sales team is genuinely enthusiastic about the new skills they’ve learned.”

“We hired M3JR to rebrand the social image of our firm and customer-facing personnel through the LinkedIn Profile Transformation services and to provide social selling training. They delivered well on that outcome,” said Domenic Colasenta, Chief Marketing Officer at WGroup. “What I didn’t expect was that they would also ignite a wave of interest in social selling across the firm. The new thinking fostered from social selling techniques produced a change in the sales culture of the firm that has exceeded every expectation I had. We finished our biggest sales half in the firm’s 12-year history – and M3JR was a big part of that!”

“Working with M3JR was a great experience. Mario and his team provided us social selling training, and the team worked to rebrand 100+ of our sales reps’ LinkedIn social profiles, as well as our marketing team,” said Alan Scheik, former Head of Americas Marketing at Cisco Capital. “The difference maker for us was the prior planning and build-out of the program, messaging, and templates to ensure a successful launch.  Once the training started, they walked us through the process every step of the way from how to socially engage to entering into the mind of today’s modern buyer, and the results were fantastic. Our LinkedIn profiles are now mapped to the buyer’s journey, and we achieved significant adoption from the beginning.  Incredible knowledge, guidance, and leadership to ensure success.”

Why do I need a LinkedIn Profile Transformation?

If you’re using the same sales and marketing strategies as everyone else, you’ll be left behind. Sales and marketing leaders who do not adopt and leverage professional branding and social selling will become obsolete.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Using the same #sales & #marketing strategies as everyone else = become obsolete. #SocialSelling @M_3jr” quote=”Using the same #sales & #marketing strategies as everyone else = become obsolete. #SocialSelling @M_3jr”]


We focus on cutting-edge selling techniques that follow the changing buyer environment and leverage the power of personal and professional branding. A LinkedIn profile makeover is the first step in that process.

Don’t waste another minute being stuck in normal, outdated strategies. Get your LinkedIn Profile Transformation now! Join thousands of the best sales reps in the country, and give your brand the makeover it needs.

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