Isn’t it true that we often believe we know what we’re doing only to realize that we aren’t quite so knowledgeable when we hear from a real expert?

Vengreso presented a LinkedIn Makeover session in Cancun at Miller Heiman Group’s recent Global Sales Conference and Vengreso’s 2nd Annual Sales Kickoff. During the session, the team shared prepared templates from their LinkedIn Profile Makeover for Teams’ purchase.

David Goad, one of Vengreso’s Associate Partners, had a chance to chat with Senior Performance Consultant Bob Fuhr after the presentation. In the short video below you’ll hear from Bob on how the LinkedIn Profile tips Vengreso shared have taken him from good to great!

Make a Positive First Impression with These LinkedIn Profile Tips

When it comes to your LinkedIn Profile, you need to portray the right impression to attract prospects. Bob says one of the most important things he learned is how LinkedIn users tend to look in certain areas first. Prioritizing those sections is very important.

Your profile picture is one of the most important elements. As noted in the second section of The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Profiles for Sales Professionals, the photograph you use as your profile picture should show you smiling, looking into the camera, and be cropped from either your head to your shoulders or from your head to your waist.

Equally important, is your LinkedIn banner image. Use your creativity and incorporate logos, taglines, colors, fonts, and other images to support your branding. You should also pay attention to your LinkedIn headline!

Bob says he’s looking forward to growing his network and making LinkedIn a pillar in his business this year! If you’re ready to prioritize LinkedIn in your business strategy too, then you’ll want to start with revamping your LinkedIn Profile. Vengreso offers packages for sales teams AND individual LinkedIn Makeovers.


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