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LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Social Selling

LinkedIn expert Kristina Jaramillo discusses how LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a valuable tool. But, it alone does not make for a social selling strategy.

On Episode 62 of the Social Business Engine podcast, you will hear from Kristina Jaramillo. Kristina runs a consultancy called Get LinkedIn Help and has been recognized as a LinkedIn Marketing Expert by Forbes and The New York Times. In this episode, we discuss the relationship between LinkedIn Sales Navigator and social selling. You will learn that LinkedIn Sales Navigator is just a tool, and that this tool alone does not constitute a social selling strategy.

On This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator and how you can put it to use.
  • How to get more social reach with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not just a prospecting tool, it can also be used for account management.
  • The relationship between LinkedIn Sales Navigator and social selling best practices.
  • Best Practices of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Reach without engagement means nothing. You must have engaging content.
  • The importance of a customer development strategy or process to tie revenue to your LinkedIn efforts.
  • The need to have defined roles in social selling so that prospects can easily transition through the sales cycle.
  • That using the same traditional approaches for sales development on LinkedIn can work, but is not the best use of the tool.
  • What not to say in a connection invitation on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator is only one tool, and should not be relied on solely for social selling.
  • Why Kristina thinks most sales and marketing leaders believe LinkedIn is only tactical and not strategic.
  • That newbies to LinkedIn should start with the basics.
  • How to use your LinkedIn profile as a marketing tool not a resume.
  • How to construct a post that will garner the action you are looking for.
  • Kristina’s Do’s and Don’ts for using LinkedIn.
  • Why you should be looking at LinkedIn as a relationship-building tool.
  • How relationship building fits into the sales enablement thought process.
  • The common attributes among organizations with a willingness to embrace LinkedIn.
  • That when Marketing and Sales work together their LinkedIn strategy will see more success.
  • Kristina’s one thing she would change about business is related to personalization.

Featured On This Episode:

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By Bernie Borges

Bernie Borges is Co-founder and former Chief Customer Officer of Vengreso, the leader in virtual selling skills training and technology for today's modern sales rep. He was also the host of the award-winning Modern Marketing Engine podcast. His book Marketing 2.0, was an early playbook in social media strategy. Bernie is also a speaker and voice over talent. He has a passion for aligning marketing, sales, and customer success for great customer outcomes and sustained revenue results. Bernie is a fitness buff and enjoys kayaking with his family in Tampa Bay.