LinkedIn Storytelling to Increase Sales

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LinkedIn Storytelling to Increase Sales

Michael de Groot

Michael de Groot is a Chief Storyteller at Staying Alive UK, a Linkedin Specialist, and a Social Selling coach. He’s been helping entrepreneurs and job-seeking professionals tell their stories on the interweb.

On this week’s conversation, you’ll learn about Michael’s journey, what he went through to achieve his dream job, and also get to hear the answers to HOW and WHY storytelling is an important skill to have if you want other people to get hooked on your brand.

Michael’s journey: What did he go through to become a Linkedin Storytelling expert.

It took Michael a while to discover what he truly enjoys. But when he realized that he’s always been interested in computers and more laterally the Internet plus assisting people, he grabbed every opportunity necessary to achieve his dream job. That means submerging head-on to the Digital industry and everything that he does from that point on is a step to achieving his dream of becoming a Linkedin Specialist. His first priority was to work for himself. Assisting others to grow is the second priority, everything else just follows.

Staying Alive UK is about just 1 key objective delivered across 2 disciplines. His key objective is coaching businesses and business professionals to become better storytellers. His business tool of choice is, of course, LinkedIn and according to him, it is the best place to share your personal and/or business story. So this is one-half of Michael’s business and a major part of his coaching services.

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The other half of what he does is assisting businesses and specifically creative agencies to enhance their storytelling techniques through Whiteboard Animation. An almost childlike medium allowing stories to come alive through hand drawing illustrations and unfolding stories frame by frame. We all have our own tool that we’re most comfortable in using, and it just so happens that Whiteboard animation is his thing.

If Michael has one great advice on how to tell your story, that is to write it like you’re having a normal conversation with someone. Don’t put on a different role just so you can impress the other person. Speak from the heart and people will bound to get hooked on what you have to say.

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Phil Gerbyshak

Phil Gerbyshak is the Chief Digital Officer of Vengreso and is a co-founder. He’s an award-winning speaker, an author and a technology geek who has been using digital to build business for nearly 20 years when he hand coded his first website dedicated to his favorite decade, the 80s. Since the early days of the Internet, Phil has built websites, communities and bank accounts using the latest tools integrated into the classic needs of sales and marketing. A teacher at heart, Phil has delivered programs for audiences of 5 to 500, for the Fortune 50 to the smallest businesses and he’s been featured in articles in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, Financial Times, Daily Globe and Mail, Inc and Entrepreneur to name just a few places. When Phil isn’t teaching digital sales transformation, creating content, or reading the latest business book, you can find him playing pinball, walking on Florida’s beaches or enjoying one of 57 craft breweries in the Tampa Bay area.

  • Barry Hall

    Many thanks Phil for a great podcast with Michael De Groote, really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work. – Barry.

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