LinkedIn Tip: Networking While Traveling to Fill Your Sales Pipeline

VengresoBlog Post LinkedIn Tip: Networking While Traveling to Fill Your Sales Pipeline
inkedIn Tip: Networking While Traveling to Fill Your Sales Pipeline

LinkedIn Tip: Networking While Traveling to Fill Your Sales Pipeline

From Chicago to Austin to New York – Vengreso is traveling again to train clients on social selling! Visiting new cities opens the opportunity for meeting new people – and not just those you encounter unplanned, face-to-face. In the video below, Mario Martinez Jr. and Brynne Tillman weigh in with a two-part LinkedIn tip you can use to boost your productivity when it comes to networking while traveling.

Digital sales isn’t something you only do with your computer or smartphone. Take it out into the real world!

Learn to leverage #DigitalSales to close more deals while #Traveling! Here's @BrynneTillman and @M_3Jr, at the streets of NYC, to tell you how to make that happen. #SocialSellingClick To Tweet

Two-Part LinkedIn Tip for Networking While Traveling

Do you have a business trip planned? The digital sales tip Brynne and Mario shared can help add to your bottom line while you’re away from your home office.

Brynne says to take a moment before your trip, to search through your first-degree connections in the city you are planning to visit. Use relevant boolean search strings, keywords and titles to find people you know in that location. Once you have a list of a few people, start reconnecting with them. A quick note can open the opportunity for a meeting.

Another way to prospect while traveling to a new place is to look through your second- and third-degree connections. Who can you ask for a referral meeting? Instead of knocking on doors and working cold leads, you likely have an in – or at least a foot in the door – with a few prospective clients.

LinkedIn makes it easier to prospect while traveling.

#Traveling and being in a new location is one of the best ways to reconnect with prospects! Vengreso leaders @BrynneTillman and @M_3Jr tell us why. #SocialSelling #DigitalSellingClick To Tweet

You can also generate new business while you’re away from your desk through the use of beacon technology. LinkedIn’s new “Find Nearby” feature can connect you to people within your vicinity while you’re at a conference or walking down the street. The possibilities for using digital sales and LinkedIn in the real world are endless.

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