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4 Major Updates to Your LinkedIn Company Page

Vengreso CVO Viveka von Rosen shares four major updates to LinkedIn Company Pages. Find out how they’ll help you increase engagement in this video and blog.

In November 2018, LinkedIn re-launched “LinkedIn Company Pages,” now called “LinkedIn Pages.” Along with the new name came a slew of changes to help businesses and page owners manage their LinkedIn presence.

Vengreso CVO, Viveka von Rosen says, “So many cool things are happening to help us increase both engagement and followers with Company Pages. It allows us to share helpful and useful information, build positive sentiment, create top of mind awareness, and achieve the end goal – more business!”

Watch the video below or keep reading to learn more about the four major updates to LinkedIn Pages that you need to be aware of for your social media strategy.

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[click_to_tweet tweet=”So many cool things are happening to ‘LinkedIn Company Pages’ now called ‘LinkedIn Pages.’ Here are 4 major updates you need to know about as shared by @LinkedInExpert. #LinkedInTips #DigitalSelling” quote=”So many cool things are happening to ‘LinkedIn Company Pages’ now called ‘LinkedIn Pages.’ Here are 4 major updates you need to know about as shared by @LinkedInExpert. #LinkedInTips #DigitalSelling”]

Top 4 LinkedIn Page Updates

For owners of LinkedIn Business Pages, promoting your Page and connecting with your audience just got easier. The four most significant updates you need to understand include:

  1. Additional Options “Above the Fold”
  2. More Administrator Options
  3. Content Suggestions
  4. Improvements to Page Activity

Keep reading for a brief description of each of these key elements of optimizing your LinkedIn Company Page.

Changes “Above the Fold”

You may have noticed some extra features in the Administration section of your LinkedIn Page, including a new “Call to Action” button you can customize to one of these options:

You can also include your website under Page details, and be sure to fill out all of the information sections available to you.

The background image size has changed. LinkedIn recommends 1526 x 768 pixels, but at that size, the image becomes distorted. Viveka suggests the resolution be 1200 x 200 pixels. Take a minute to test the image on both your desktop and mobile device.

More Administrator Options

Five types of Administrators now exist on LinkedIn Pages:  Designated Admins; Recruiter Posters; Sponsored Content Posters; and Pipeline Builder Admins. This means the worry of a disgruntled employee shutting down your Page is no longer an issue!

If you have a social media team or are working with an agency that posts content for the Page, be sure to set them as Sponsored Content Posters. If you’re using the Campaign Manager or Pipeline Builder, you’ll want to explore the other roles to allow for the correct privileges.

Content Suggestions

When signed in as an Administrator, “Content Suggestions” appears at the top of your Page.  From here you’ll see the topics and articles that your audience is interacting with on LinkedIn.  Filtering by industry, location, job function, and seniority reveal recommendations for content that your audience will like.

Page owners may also filter content suggestions based on: employees, page followers, or all LinkedIn members. Engagement rates are listed with each recommended piece of content, and you can also share a piece of content quickly from the scroll-through feed. Keep in mind that you must have at least 300 in your audience to see the suggestions, which means you may have to alter some of your filters if you’re narrowing the search based on a smaller city.


Prior to this update, seeing who “Commented” or “Liked” your Linked Page posts took a lot of steps but now it’s easy to see who’s reacting. Better still, the update allows you to interact as your company as well, and similar to Facebook Pages, it’s much more intuitive, too.

Are you starting to use these new features? How about the Pages’ Native Video option that was added earlier this year? It will be exciting to see how engagement is influenced with LinkedIn Company Pages going forward!

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Learn all about the Top 4 Updates to your LinkedIn Pages from the @LinkedInExpert herself. Don’t miss it! #SellingWithLinkedIn #SocialSales #Sales” quote=”Learn all about the Top 4 Updates to your LinkedIn Pages from the @LinkedInExpert herself. Don’t miss it! #SellingWithLinkedIn #SocialSales #Sales”]


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By Meaghan

Meaghan Alvarado is one of Vengreso's social media and content writing masters. She is a valuable member of our social media client content writing team. She manages employee advocacy, and video marketing programs. Her more than ten years of experience in sales and digital marketing afford her the business acumen and insights to communicate our effectively with amazing results. In her spare time, you can find her practicing or teaching yoga, or watching Shark Tank alongside her husband and three dogs.

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I had noticed that are now five types of Administrators on LinkedIn Pages. Yet cannot find any information anywhere on what the functionality for Recruiter Posters is. Do you have any idea?

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