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Implementing The PVC Sales Methodology For LinkedIn Social Selling, Episode #111


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If you are looking for a proven way to do social selling on LinkedIn or other social platforms, Bernie Borges facilitates a conversation with Mario Martinez, Jr. about that very thing, on this episode of #SellingWithSocial. Get the full explanation of the trademarked PVC Sales Methodology at the heart of the Vengreso’s LinkedIn Social Selling courses.

You’ll learn what PVC stands for, how to implement it on social media, and why each of the steps is vital to helping you get your foot in the door with CMOs and other C-suite execs you’re trying to reach. Mario also provides many examples of how the methodology works in real-life sales scenarios. Listen now!

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What Do CMOs Recommend When It Comes To Getting On Their Radar?

The Vengreso team recently held a webinar – Entering Into The Mind Of The Marketing Executive Buyer – and questioned actual CMOs regarding their attitude toward sales professionals getting in touch with them. They shared some valuable advice.

Those are EXACTLY the things the Vengreso PVC method is constructed to teach sellers who are trying to reach buyers – anytime they reach out. That means connection requests, cold prospecting, video messages, inMail on LinkedIn – anything. Listen to learn how it works.

Interested in LinkedIn Social Selling? Here’s One Methodology To Rule Them All

The trademarked approach. Here it is:

P – Personalize

V – Value

C – Call to Action

This is the standard rule and sales methodology sellers should use to create outreach and engagement opportunities with any particular buyer on any medium – phone, email, social selling on LinkedIn, Twitter, LinkedIn InMail, connection requests, etc.

This PVC approach has proven to open more doors, especially when applied to LinkedIn social selling. On this episode, you’ll hear Mario tell a number of stories of how sales professionals have used the PVC method to connect with their target buyers. In many cases, even though the buyer thought they weren’t ready to buy yet, the connection opened the door to them making purchases because of its personalized nature. Keep reading and listening to get the details of each of the PVC steps.

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Sales Personalization Is More Than You Think It Is

Personalizing your sales message means a lot more than simply adding a recipient’s name to an email or tagging them on social. You’ve got to speak TO the buyer, in their unique situation, in a helpful and valuable way. THAT is personalization.

But it’s not just knowing about the person, sales leadership is also about knowing their role and needs as a buyer. That level of knowledge requires research of your prospects, but it’s time well spent. When you are able to engage with that level of personalization via LinkedIn social selling or even via email, you stand out from the rest of the sellers hitting their radar.

Sellers: What Does It Actually Mean To Provide Value?

When you reach out to prospects you need to be sure you give them a reason to take you seriously. That’s what the value step is about. You want to provide content that addresses specific areas of pain your particular buyer is experiencing – areas that your service or company can solve.

Speak the language of the buyer you’re selling to, understand the pain they are dealing with and trying to address, then utilize content for sales to help them solve that problem. The content could take many forms: whitepapers, videos, webinars, blog articles, eBooks, podcast episodes, etc. When you do this, you’re helping the prospective buyer meet their KPIs, which means your content is something they will actually consume.

CTAs: Don’t Make This Common Mistake

When you hear the words “Call to Action” what immediately comes to mind? For most sales professionals it’s asking their prospect to agree to a meeting or phone call. While that qualifies, when using social media like LinkedIn to sell, your calls to action will not always be that overt. Some examples…

In this episode, you’ll hear Mario describe how he spoke to one prospect about his team’s LinkedIn profiles and found that by asking questions he was able to reveal things the buyer didn’t know about his sales teams’ LinkedIn profiles but needed to address. Mario was able to come alongside as a now-trusted resource to help him implement the changes.

Listen to learn more about Vengreso’s PVC methodology for LinkedIn social selling!

Don’t make this common #CTA mistake in your #sales messages. Learn what it is and how to avoid it on this episode of #SellingWithSocial with @M_3Jr, CEO of Vengreso. Listen now! #SocialSelling #LinkedIn #prospectingClick To Tweet

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