In the Midst of the CMO Storm


Stephen Marshall, Asia-Pacific Program Manager for IBM’s Global C-Suite Study, gave me a complete look at the findings of the 2015 Global C-Suite study. The study includes the perspectives of 5,000 Chief Marketing Officers around the globe with a look at why they’re focused on customer experience.


Find out why Stephen says that CMOs should be looking for ways to be disruptors before their business is affected by someone else’s disruptive innovation. How will the findings from this recent study affect your organization’s outlook of the customer experience?

On this episode you’ll discover:

  • That IBM’s Global C-Suite Study is a part of a study conducted by the Institute for Business Value (IBV) and how it observes patterns and trends across the world through face-to-face interviews.
  • How the 18th Global C-Suite Study included more than 5,000 interviews across more than 70 countries.
  • How IBM’s Global C-Suite Study is revealing that decision making is moving into the business units.
  • The three aspects the study looks at from the CMO perspective and how industry barriers are dissolving as new competitors are emerging.
  • How some CMOs are being driven by disruptive innovation and how IBM refers to some disruption as destruction.
  • Why CMOs are concerned about industry destruction and how it’s related to markets, customers and competition.
  • Why Stephen says CMOs should be prepared to have conversations with their CEOs about destruction and how we need to look for ways to disrupt before it happens to us.
  • What the study showed as CMOs top priorities and why they are focused on the customer experience.


  • Why the customer journey is not linear and how more attention is being given to customer journey mapping.
  • Why many CMOs are looking at using different channels in the customer journey and the need to balance the online experience with human interaction.
  • How the last C-Suite Study revealed that data explosion is a big challenge for CMOs, and how they recognized the need to bring on data scientists to do proper analysis.
  • How Stephen says there is an evolution of the role of the CMO to more of a Chief Digital/Data/Experience Officer and how the CMO can be an innovator.
  • How the top performing companies have invested in analytics and are looking ahead at the nature of the competitive landscape.
  • How the CMO has become the custodian of customer experience and not just head the arts and crafts department.

“Creative destruction is to go out and look for ways to disrupt the business model before it gets done to you.” @marshall_sj
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