David J.P. Fisher, a.k.a. DFish, is back for his third podcast appearance on Social Business Engine. A popular speaker, coach, author, and beer connoisseur, David has his own podcast called Beer, Beats, & Business. During this episode, we’re going to condense some of what we previously covered on the podcast and in this webcast into one action-packed interview. Our conversation will serve as a valuable cheat sheet to one of his six books, Networking in the 21st Century on LinkedIn. And, David is offering a free digital copy of his book.

David wrote the book Networking in the 21st Century on LinkedIn to help people to move their natural offline networking skills online. Social networking allows us to connect with anyone, anywhere and so people often jump in without a plan. Chapter One, “A Social Networking Strategy,” encourages readers to think through what they want to accomplish first. Tune in to hear a synopsis of the book and to learn some valuable networking tips along the way.

Why Social Networking

We approach social networking to share with a broader audience and to create deeper and more meaningful relationships. For example, I only see DFish once or twice a year at conferences, but we stay connected through social media and our respective podcasts. This connection allows us to pick up conversations easily when we meet in-person. The buyer’s journey has changed, and digital communications help to guide prospects through relevant content. David refers to this as being the sales sherpa and recommends this way of thinking to all professionals.

Obstacles to Understanding

A few of the concepts referenced in David’s book are a struggle to some. The first of those is the shift in the buyer’s journey. It’s difficult for some people to wrap their heads around social media and how it plays a role today in their professional life. Another struggle is that we don’t live in a ‘set it and forget it’ world anymore. Social media requires effort and attention. It’s not a habit until it becomes a habit, or as I say, social media is a new muscle that needs exercising. It should become a natural part of your day.

Easier Concepts

The chance to tell your story is one of the easiest concepts for people to understand. LinkedIn, for example, is a platform to share the narrative of your career. David points out that your LinkedIn profile is not a resume, it should be a clear narrative of your career and how you got there. Hint: start by leveraging your LinkedIn headline! After these concepts click, everything else seems to come together for them.

“LinkedIn is a platform where you can share the narrative of your career.” @dfishrockstar #sbeshow
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Social channels are legitimate communication and engagement tools. Whether you’re just starting out on social or have been a user for a while, you’re bound to learn a lot from David’s book Networking in the 21st Century on LinkedIn. Download your digital copy now!

David J.P. Fisher explains why you should be on LinkedIn

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