NEW LINKEDIN FEATURE: LinkedIn Active Status Creates Real-Time Conversations

VengresoDigital Selling NEW LINKEDIN FEATURE: LinkedIn Active Status Creates Real-Time Conversations
New Linkedin Feature Called LinkedIn Active Status as reviewd by Brynne Tillman

NEW LINKEDIN FEATURE: LinkedIn Active Status Creates Real-Time Conversations

I am so excited to share with you this new, fabulous feature that LinkedIn is rolling out called LinkedIn Active Status. When you log into LinkedIn you will see this image:

Sample image of a New Linkedin Feature called Active Status

You will see a green circle next to a profile picture in your message center when someone is on LinkedIn right now, and if they are on the LinkedIn mobile app, it will show up as a green circle with a white dot in the middle.

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Why is the new LinkedIn Active Status feature so exciting? We can have conversations in real-time. This is a massive improvement to how we communicate and when to communicate on LinkedIn.

1. Click through to your message center.
2. View the headshot image of the people you have messaged, and if the green dot is showing, they are currently online and active.
3. Send a message now and there is a very high likelihood that you are going to get a quick response.

If you’d like to see the new LinkedIn Active Status feature live and in action please watch the below video we created!

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LinkedIn Active Status Privacy & Settings:

By default, The Active Status feature is on for everyone. I recommend that you keep this on all of the time. It’s will make it so much easier for your connections to get access to you in real-time and for you to communicate back and forth. That being said, here is how you can turn-off the setting and go into a “do not disturb” option.

Linkedin Settings Screenshot Activate Active Status Linkedin New Feature

1. Click on the Me icon and you go to Settings & Privacy.
2. Click on the Privacy Tab.
3. Choose the second option down, Manage Active Status.
4. You can turn this off or leave it on.

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Take advantage of these opportunities. People that you are communicating with on LinkedIn can now move from email style to live chat and start leveraging LinkedIn Active Status even better for business development.

Check out for lots more content on how you can use digital sales to drive revenue.

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Brynne Tillman

Questions about how to leverage LinkedIn or digital prospecting to grow your business? We got you covered. Connect with us here or shoot us an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to offer some guidance. Our mission at Vengreso is to help those responsible for revenue to create more sales conversations with more qualified buyers and increase your sales win rates through digital sales training. Check out some of our latest articles below.

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