Organic Search 7 Marketing Attributes

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Organic Search 7 Marketing Attributes

Once upon a time the search engine companies were Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. While they are still the big three organic search engines, with Google owning more than 70% market share, the landscape is rapidly evolving.

Now, when people conduct a search they may use other sites to supplement their search, especially in B2B searches. For example, a search may start in Google and wind up in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Quora, Slideshare or a blog.

It’s no secret that Google recently expanded their social search capabilities. While I applaud them for doing this, it’s really Google’s way of saying: “we can’t beat them so we’ll join them.” In other words, Google can’t prevent us from using social sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to do research. So, they are better off delivering results from that include content from those sites.

How Marketers Can Harness the New Organic Search Paradigm

There are seven attributes of the new organic search paradigm marketers must embrace to get found online and to be engaged in meaningful sales opportunities.


Each of us searches for keywords pertaining to our interests. Marketers should recognize that search results will vary according to a searcher’s history and interests (especially from Google).


The search results searchers find are increasingly coming more from social media sites. Google’s recent update reflects this by integrating search results onto the first page of organic search results. Marketers need to broaden their online footprint to produce content across social media sites that can now be indexed.

Quality Content

Quality content has always been important, but it’s more important than ever before. Marketers need to review the content on their website and remove any content that doesn’t add value to their website. The risk is being penalized by Google for low quality content.


We live in a real-time, online world. Search results can include content provided through Twitter that was produced moments before a search was conducted. Marketers should consider that content updates can occur 24/7/365 and organic search results can vary accordingly.


Google in particular is working hard to deliver relevant search results. For example, when I search on “content marketing” then shorten my search to “content” the results are still relevant, even though this word can have other meanings. Google remembers how I’ve searched this word previously. Similarly, relevant content is offered from my social circle. Marketers should create as much content as possible around relevant keyword phrases to ensure delivery of highly relevant search results.


The search marketing landscape is evolving. For example, Quora has been on the scene less than one year and its content is indexable by Google.  Open LinkedIn groups are also now indexable by Google. It seems that search marketing evolves on a weekly basis. A marketer must have a “marathon attitude” about search marketing. It’s a race that never ends. Complacency is the kiss of death in organic search marketing.


Content that is shareable is extremely valuable in search marketing. The more people that share a marketer’s content the more authority is credited back to the marketer. Such authority comes in two forms: from people who trust the merit of the content, and the authority Google gives the marketer for being the source of popular content that is widely shared.

A marketer should follow these seven guidelines to ensure their organic search marketing strategy is effective. But, stay tuned because next week there may be another seven guidelines to follow.

Bernie Borges

Bernie Borges is CMO of Vengreso, the leader in digital sales transformation. He's also Host of the award winning Modern Marketing Engine podcast. His book Marketing 2.0, was an early playbook in social media strategy. Bernie is also a trainer and speaker. He has a passion for guiding clients in aligning marketing and sales for accelerated revenue results. Bernie enjoys kayaking with his family in Tampa Bay, going to hockey games and you'll find him at the gym at 6am Monday through Friday, rain or shine.


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