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Podcasting Basics


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What is a Podcast?

A podcast is digital file which can be audio or video, that someone can subscribe to, download-able, or listen to on the spot on their computer.

A podcast can be played on a PC or portable MP3 player.

A podcast is time shifted delivery of content similar to a VCR.

Why should marketers care about podcasting?

Podcasts are in the top 10 of most frequently accessed types of online content.

Survey conducted by KnowledgeStorm and Univeral McCann of 3900 B2B professionals summer 2006 (highlights):

32% said they listen to more podcasts than before.

B2B technology buyers are listening to podcasts for business interests.

72% said they have listened to downloaded or subscribed to podcasts on technology topics.

23% said they listen to podcasts on technology topics frequently.

About 60% said they want more content delivered in podcast format, specifically they named white papers and analyst reports.

55% said they would be more likely to consume white papers and analyst reports if delivered in podcast format.

57% said their biggest frustration with podcasts is the scarcity of interesting content (opportunity).

Conclusion: podcasts are not just for entertainment, they are a bonafide business tool!

Podcast strategy considerations for marketers:
Define your marketing objective.
Consider your audience and the topics of interest to them.
Identify the content subjects for podcasting to your audience that meets your objective.
Consider content on tips, trends, thought leadership ideas, case studies, white papers, analyst reports, etc.
The content for podcasting has to be manageable. Not too much in one podcast episode. Segment content into episodes.

Decide on the podcast show format.
Interview style: 2 or 3 people.
Or a solo approach if the personality is appropriate for a solo podcast.

Post your podcasts to a web page or blog post.
Include keyword rich text show notes for search engine optimization (SEO) benefits. Show notes can serve as “spider food.” People can link to your show notes which is also good for SEO.

Offer subscription options to your podcast in directories such as iTunes, and other podcast directories. iTunes is the biggest directory. But, it will only display the top 150 results per keyword phrase, e.g., search on “Web 2.0.”

Track your podcast statistics an episode by episodes basis. Measure which podcast topics have been popular. Track downloads and subscriptions through iTunes. Track podcast blog pages in your web analytics.

Marketing – how much marketing (promotion) can you do in a podcast?
It depends on your audience and topics. Here are some promotional possibilities.
Consider a show sponsor: “This podcast is brought to you by…”
Consider a short commercial at the beginning of the podcast or at the end or both.
Consider a “commercial” break (word from our sponsor) in the middle of the podcast just like a radio show.
Offer your audience a call to action that is only available to the podcast listeners.
Consider a short form for podcasts on topics of high interest that will interest people to fill out the form.

Podcast idea example:
OTA– over the air delivery of broadcasting. Example: iPhone can download music or a podcast or push a podcast out to subscribers.
Consider this scenario: A VP of Sales assembles internal subject matter experts to record a podcast with up to date product and competitive info that needs to be distributed to their glogal salesforce ASAP.  They then push out the podcast to their salesforce using OTA.  Rather than relying on a long voicemail or email, the podcast is delivered to their sales force quickly because they were previously subscribed to the “sales podcast” for just such occasions. Sales people can listen to the podcast even while traveling and stay up to date on time sensitive information.

There are almost no rules in podcast marketing.  Do whatever makes sense for your audience and your content.

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