Using Predictive Intelligence To Increase Sales Revenue, with Christine Zmuda, Episode #89

Using Predictive Intelligence To Increase Sales Revenue, with Christine Zmuda, Episode #89


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Predictive Intelligence is changing the way marketing and sales professionals get results. In short – it allows us to give individual prospects or customers experiences that are unique to them and fit where they are in the sales process. It does so by utilizing data from all web-based channels: email, mobile, social, and even a call center. Best of all, predictive intelligence is proven to drive key business results.

To speak with me about this issue I invited my friend Christine Zmuda to be my guest on this episode of #SellingWithSocial. Christine is Senior Director for Emerging Solutions at Microsoft – and in particular, she’s overseeing the Microsoft / LinkedIn relationship now that Microsoft has purchased the platform. That’s one of the first key areas Microsoft is putting predictive intelligence to work, and you’ll hear about it on this episode.

Christine has held several leadership and individual contributor positions at Microsoft, Yammer, and Mobil Oil. As a senior member of the Emerging Solutions team, Christine is responsible for landing Microsoft Relationship Sales worldwide. She is a graduate of Michigan State University (B.A. degree) and American University (M.B.A.) and is a member of Women in Technology. She also serves on the board of the Ted Rullo Foundation, a not for profit designed to further education opportunities for student athletes.

How you can use predictive intelligence #AI to increase #sales revenue, with @CZmuda of @MSFTDynamics365. Listen to this episode of #SellingWithSocial, with @M_3Jr, #CEO of Vengreso! #DigitalSales #SalesLeadership #FrostSTAR @FS_EventsClick To Tweet


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Digital Selling Is About More Than Social Media

We use a host of synonyms to describe the ways we approach marketing and sales these days – direct response, digital marketing, social selling, email marketing, inbound, outbound, etc. – but the day has come when marketing and sales success must figure out how to integrate of all of them. We need to think in a broader sense than just social media engagement with prospects.

In this conversation, Christine and I discuss why sales teams need to shift their perspective beyond social media interactions and even beyond initial conversations. There is more that can be done, in exponentially more effective ways using the entire digital spectrum of tools. The predictive intelligence Christine’s team is using to create powerful LinkedIn/CRM integrations is one example of how it’s happening. Be sure to listen so you stay on top of the trends and learn how to use these technological advances to build a better sales machine.


Predictive Intelligence Helps Sales Pros And Organizations Connect With Buyers

Messages that resonate with where we are in life are the ones we notice and take action on – because they mean something to us on a personal level. As marketing and sales professionals we need to think of our buyers in that way – they are unique human beings with unique personal and professional challenges. What can we do to speak to them where they are and in light of their particular challenges? The better we can answer that question, the more effective we’ll be at initiating engagements that lead to sales.

Predictive intelligence takes the guesswork out of the equation. It enables us to pull together the actions taken by our ideal buyers, analyze those actions as data points rather than subjective hunches, and predict the most effective ways to engage with them. Surveys of companies using the technology show an impact across the board:

Learn about the power of predictive intelligence and how it can help you reach your sales targets, on this episode of Selling With Social.

Predictive intelligence is #AI that helps #sales organizations connect w/ #buyers in a personal way. Join @M_3Jr of Vengreso & guest @CZmuda of @MSFTDynamics365 on this ep of #SellingWithSocial. Listen now! #DigitalSales #FrostSTAR @FS_EventsClick To Tweet


Sales Leaders Can Now Understand HOW The Customer Journey Is Happening

The reason predictive intelligence is having such an impact on sales is simple: Until now, sales cycle evaluation had to be done subjectively. It looked something like this – Sales leaders would pull together their teams and ask how various deals in the pipeline were going. The responses they received were based on the salesperson’s impressions about the deal. It was the best approach we had.

But no more. Now we can rely on real data instead of sales team opinions and inferences, and the difference it makes is staggering. Listen to this episode to learn how this new technology is making relationship building easier, the customer journey of individual buyers more transparent, and the sales process more intentional and effective.


New Technologies Turn Relationships Into Revenue

The responsibility for driving leads into the sales funnel is no longer the job of marketing – it’s the job of everyone in the company. With the widespread use of social and other digital tools, everyone from the CEO to the custodians have the ability to project a positive and appealing brand image to those they connect with digitally. Those connections can matter for the bottom line success of the company.

What would happen if companies set quotas for every team member – no matter their role in the company – to generate at least one sales lead per calendar year? Listen to this episode to hear how new technologies like predictive analytics are turning relationships into revenue, helping government leaders and influencers make a larger contribution, and enabling hiring teams locate, court, and hire the best candidates for their teams.

Listen to this episode of #SellingWithSocial to discover how new #AI technologies turn relationships into revenue. Join @M_3Jr, #CEO of Vengreso and guest @CZmuda of @MSFTDynamics365. Listen now! #DigitalSales #FrostSTAR @FS_EventsClick To Tweet


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One of the things I love to do is to read amazing sales books and listen to sales podcasts.  That is why we’ve created the best sales books of all time list and the best sales podcasts list for sales leaders, sales managers, and sales reps.  I encourage you to click through these and give them a listen! Also, take a look at the resources below mentioned during this podcast:

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#DigitalSelling is about more than #social media. It requires a broader approach. Learn how to use #AI effectively from @CZmuda of @MSFTDynamics365. Listen to this ep of #SellingWithSocial, w/ @M_3Jr, #CEO of Vengreso! #FrostSTAR @FS_EventsClick To Tweet
#SalesLeaders can now understand HOW the customer journey is happening through the power of #AI. Join @M_3Jr, #CEO of Vengreso & @CZmuda of @MSFTDynamics365 on this ep of #SellingWithSocial. Listen now! #DigitalSales #FrostSTAR @FS_EventsClick To Tweet
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