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How Personalized Sales Outreach Can Increase Sales Conversions Up to 60%, with Kris Rudeegraap, Episode #140

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Sales outreach is one way to set your sellers apart because they deliver personalized experiences in a powerful way to prospects and customers to increase sales conversions.

My guest on this episode of #ModernSelling is Kris Rudeegraap, CEO of Sendoso, a leading sending platform that enables sellers to outreach effectively and uniquely. Listen to hear how the company started, how technology is empowering these personalized experiences in ways that lead to response rates of up to 60%, and how your sales team can integrate outreach into your cadence and customer care.

Learn how personalized sales outreach can increase #sales conversions up to 60%! Join @M_3Jr, #CEO of @GoVengreso and his guest @Rudeegrapp, CEO of @SendosoHQ for this episode of The @GoModernSelling podcast! Listen now! Click To Tweet

Does Gifting Swag And Direct Mail Really Work?

Getting to the heart of the issue, I asked Kris a direct question, “Does this kind of stuff really work?” He said that without a doubt sales outreach works when done as part of an intentional, personalized strategy. When executed properly, sending personalized gifts into the day-to-day work flows can improve both lead nurture sequences at the top of the funnel and conversions further down the funnel. But you must ensure that the decision about where to place this service in your sales cadence is part of an overall strategy.

What kind of results has Kris seen? For lead generation, his stats show up to a 60% response rate to gifts that are sent. That’s incredible! But customized outreach also proves to be effective lower in the funnel for building human relationships required as part of the modern sales approach to grow accounts and build long-term client relationships.

Omnichannel Selling Is Required To Make Sales Outreach Effective

It’s not enough to send a prospect a gift of cupcakes or a mug emblazoned with your company logo. I’ve had a number of edible gifts sent to me recently and I honestly can’t remember who they were from.

Why? In my opinion, the sender didn’t add enough personalization to the gift AND they didn’t effectively follow up or connect the gift to an ongoing conversation.

That’s why I talk about the Omnichannel approach for sales. Sellers must engage with prospects and customers on a number of levels and use a variety of platforms to make messaging efforts memorable. Name recognition and top-of-mind status in your industry depend on it.

For instance, if the sellers who sent me cupcakes would have followed up a few days later with a customized video of themselves eating cupcakes and asking me how I was enjoying mine, I’d have definitely connected them with the gift and given them a closer look.

Omnichannel #selling is required to make #sales outreach effective. Learn why! Join @M_3Jr, #CEO of @GoVengreso and his guest @Rudeegrapp, CEO of @SendosoHQ for this episode of The @GoModernSelling podcast! Listen now!Click To Tweet

Who Is Responsible For These Personalized Experiences?

It’s hard to decide exactly who should be responsible for sales outreach initiatives simply because the integrations available with platforms like HubSpot, Outreach, Xant, and others make it an easy-to-use tool for many departments within the company. I believe, at the very least, Sales Leaders should start the conversation with the broader team about the effective use of sales outreach tools.

You may find that prospecting benefits from sending tools the most, which may wind up placing oversight in the CSOs purview. But it could just as easily turn out that Sales Enablement utilizes outreach more, so the CMO would not always be the proper leader to guide its use.

The point is that the integration of these customized experiences has to be both intentional and company-wide. When everyone is on the same page and working together to stay aligned and make the most of this amazing tool, new accounts and account growth will be the result.

Thinking Through The Options For Outreach Efforts

Let’s review the options for the use of personalized outreach:

First:It must be strategic and implemented in an Omnichannel approach. Don’t leave it up to individual ARs, BDRs, or salespeople to decide how they will use the tools, or if they use them at all. Decide how and where to use sending tools in your sales cadence as well as how you’ll follow up using social, phone calls, and other communications channels. Make tweaks as you strive to achieve the best results when it comes to sales conversions.

Second: Consider how personalized gifting can be used for top-of-funnel prospecting. Lead nurture can benefit tremendously from appropriate, timely, and personalized sales outreach. But do it wisely. Because of the costs involved you’ll need to scrutinize exactly who is the right person to receive a gift in each situation. And don’t forget to apply the right follow-up and nurturing strategy.

Third: Recognize that account growth can happen through personalized engagement with existing customers. Upselling opportunities come to light as you nurture relationships and demonstrate your care and concern for those you are already serving. Personalized outreach makes that happen in unforgettable ways.

Not only is Kris’ story fascinating, his stats and insights into the best practices for effective sales outreach are not to be missed. Listen now!

Think through #sales outreach and add it into your cadence. Your conversions will soar! Join @M_3Jr, #CEO of @GoVengreso and his guest @Rudeegrapp, CEO of @SendosoHQ for this episode of The @GoModernSelling podcast! Listen now!Click To Tweet

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:52] How Kris went from Account Executive to CEO of a rising B2B service provider
  • [9:42] Does sending promotional swag to prospects still work?
  • [14:50] How companies are justifying spend on gifting programs
  • [17:40] Trends in sending gifts and swag to prospects and customers
  • [22:14] Who is responsible for heading up sending initiatives?
  • [26:31] Unique and original ways companies are using gift delivery services
  • [32:10] Why you have to make your gift memorable in the way it’s connected to you
  • [36:01] Using these types of tools without any integrations: it’s possible!

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Does gifting swag and direct mail really work to get the attention of #prospects? Join @M_3Jr, #CEO of @GoVengreso and his guest @Rudeegrapp, CEO of @SendosoHQ for this episode of The @GoModernSelling podcast! Listen now! #salesClick To Tweet
Who is responsible to make #sales outreach part of your #sales cadence? Join @M_3Jr, #CEO of @GoVengreso and his guest @Rudeegrapp, CEO of @SendosoHQ for this episode of The @GoModernSelling podcast! Listen now! Click To Tweet
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