What You Need to Know About the Sales Navigator Update if Using LinkedIn for Sales Prospecting

VengresoLinkedIn What You Need to Know About the Sales Navigator Update if Using LinkedIn for Sales Prospecting
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What You Need to Know About the Sales Navigator Update if Using LinkedIn for Sales Prospecting

LinkedIn Sales Navigator recently updated the profile view of leads. If you’re using the tool for sales prospecting, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the changes so you can quickly find the information you need. This short 5-minute video with Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn expert and Chief Visibility Officer at Vengreso gives a comparison of the old LinkedIn profile views with the new.

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What’s New for Sales Prospecting with Sales Navigator

Viveka’s short video about the LinkedIn update provides a clear walkthrough of everything that’s moved. I’ll review it here, but you may want to watch the video to get better acquainted with the new profile view. The more familiar you are with it, the easier it will be to find what you need on the fly when you’re sales prospecting. Let’s jump right in!

Most of the information that was visible on the profile view of saved leads is still there. But Viveka pointed out a few things that are missing. For example, there’s no longer a URL that goes back to the free version of LinkedIn. Another thing you won’t see anymore is Published Posts from the lead. Yes – there’s still a Recent Activity area, but their published posts are not listed.

Looking above the fold, profile photos are smaller, and the names are larger. LinkedIn’s also cleaned it up and hidden most of the Summary. Two lines are visible, and you’ll have to click to see the rest.

Notes, tags and contact information also require some clicking, and they’ve moved around a bit. As you scroll down the page, you’ll see a new Highlights section that lists shared connections and your prospect’s most recent activity

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Recommended leads from their company are shown in the sidebar to the right. Sales prospecting outside of the company may take a little more legwork since you’re no longer able to see related leads.

Viveka says she hopes LinkedIn is still working on the profile and will bring back Published Posts and a link to the person’s profile on free LinkedIn. To hear more about the updates and her first impressions of the changes, be sure to watch the video above.

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