Social Business Engine Podcast Season 3 for 2017


Welcome to 2017 and Season 3 of the Social Business Engine podcast! I’m excited about it and hope you’ll come along for the ride…

We launched Social Business Engine about three years ago as a digital media property, owned and operated by Find and Convert, as a way to “walk the walk” in our content marketing strategy. The podcast began as our proof statement that we are practitioners of content marketing, not just advisors.

As content marketing has evolved so have we. At Find and Convert, we’re focused on strategies that include employee social media advocacy and social selling, which were two recurring topics on this podcast in 2016. In the first episode of Season 3, I recap some of my favorite episodes from last year and reveal my plans for topic-focused podcast series in 2017.

These topical series will be similar to audio-only courses. I also plan to continue interviewing professionals from brands who share their story with you so that you (and I) can learn from them. Each podcast will continue to be supported by a show notes page like this one. Topics will be about digital transformation strategies, including employee advocacy, influencer marketing, and social selling.

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In 2016 I started a video series on YouTube called Poolside Sales Chat. Each video is between 5 and 10 minutes long and recorded by my pool at my home in Florida. When traveling, I try to find a body of water, which might be a hotel pool, or as in episode 20, I recorded an episode in San Francisco with the Bay in the background. So far I’ve recorded 28 episodes of Poolside Sales Chat. I invite you to check it out on YouTube or catch it live on Periscope usually on Fridays at 3:15 pm U.S. EDT.

2016 Favorites

First of all, a disclaimer. These “favorites” have nothing to do with the individual I interviewed. These episodes are my favorite because they collectively tell a story that leads us into 2017. Here goes…

  • Episode 94: Charlene Li, CEO of Altimeter Group, discusses highlights from her book The Engaged Leader. The main takeaway from this episode is that leaders inside corporations can’t be on the sidelines of social media.
  • Episode 97: Carlos Gil, Head of Social Media at BMC Software, explains how training has increased social media activity among their 6,000 worldwide employees.
  • Episode 101: David Graham, Head of Online Engagement at Deloitte Africa, mentions how their email open rates improved when they started sending from employee email addresses and how their employee advocacy program is supporting their content distribution.
  • Episode 103: Amy Heiss and Suzanne Doughty from Dell joined me before the merger with EMC. At that time 16,000 of 100,000 Dell employees were trained in how to use social media for work.
  • Episode 107: Jill Rowley, Jack Kosakowski, and David J.P. Fisher joined me to discuss social selling best practices.
  • Episode 108: Andrew Spoeth, Head of Social Media at CA Technologies, shares their social media strategy and how they’re turning employees into advocates.

  • Episode 110: Stephen Marshall, Asia-Pacific Program Manager for IBM’s Global C-Suite Study, reviews their recent findings from interviewing 5,000 CMOs around the world.
  • Episode 111: Derek K. Hubbard, Social Business Specialist at Southwest Airlines, shares about the role of live video and tips to minimize risk and maximize creating a great experience.
  • Episode 113: Glenn Gaudet, Founder and President of GaggleAMP, reviews some do’s and don’ts of employee advocacy.
  • Episode 117: Amisha Gandhi, Senior Director Influencer Marketing at SAP, shares how they approach influencer marketing.
  • Episode 119: Kirsten Boileau, Director of Digital Innovations at SAP, reveals their approach to training and support for scaling social selling to 30,000 sales professionals.
  • Episode 122: Ryan Garcia, Legal Director at Dell, explains how he advises the sales team at Dell to keep them out of trouble on social media.
  • Episode 128: Rebecca Lombardo and Eric Berkowitz from Tracx join me to summarize highlights from Social Business Journal Volume 8: The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Social Media Monitoring.
  • Episode 135: Miri Rodriguez from Microsoft shares how she and her social care team handled social engagement during the Windows 10 launch.
  • Episode 137: Mark Gyles, a digital marketing manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, delivers a crash course on employee social media advocacy.
  • Episode 139: Ed Terpening from Altimeter Group shares four key highlights from the 2016 State of Social Business report.
  • Episode 140: Sandy Adam, Global Head of Social Media at ANSYS, joins me and my co-host Glenn Gaudet from GaggleAMP to share their journey of activating employees on social media with the support of the GaggleAMP platform.
  • Episode 141: Christa Gorham, Group Manager, Large Business Marketing at CenturyLink, shares the success of their employee advocacy program.
  • Episode 142: Heather Heuman, a popular speaker and social media consultant discusses valuable live video strategies.
  • Episode 143: David JP Fisher discusses key takeaways from his book Networking in the 21st Century on LinkedIn. This episode amounts to a cheat sheet on how to do online networking on LinkedIn.

I hope these highlights encourage you to listen to some of these episodes. Feel free to download the infographic above displaying each guest on the Social Business Engine podcast in 2016.

Here’s to 2017!

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